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May 12, 2008

Dear Sponsor!

My name is Maria, I am 15 years old and I am a 9th grade student; I get to school by bus and my classes last half a day. I like playing with my female friends and studying lessons. I study Ukrainian, Math, Computer Science, and Art. My favorite subjects are Art and Math. My favorite foods are pasta, ice-cream, and corn flakes.

Maria is an obedient, calm, and modest child. She helps the mother tidy the rooms and in the kitchen. Her family used to live in Mariupol city until 2014 but they had to move to a village because of war on the east of Ukraine. The family is friendly, and the children are polite. They are involved in different church ministries. The father Mykhailo is a preacher and they like doing everything together (going to the camp or river). The father works in construction and his salary is low, but they also get child assistance and social assistance as they are internal refugees. The mother doesn’t work because she looks after the children. They live in an old house, its windows need to be replaced and only one part of the house has a heating system, the rest is heated with firewood. There is no water supply in the house and there is neither a bathroom nor a toilet in the house. They need your support very much.