Name:  Mariana
ID #: UKR-TN-01013
Age:  9

Birth date: August 8, 2011 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil (TN)

Dear sponsor!
My name is Mariana and I am nine years old. I was born and live in Ternopil city. My mum works as a vet and helps the animals that are ill and need medical treatment. My father does not live with us and we do not communicate with him. I know nothing about him. I have an older brother whose name is Volodya. He likes to play soccer and dreams of being a professional soccer player. I will visit the soccer matches in which he will be playing and root for him. I have several friends but my best friend is Ivan. We have been friends since the first grade. He is very kind and strong and he protects me when other kids offend me. We like to play games outdoors, especially the games where we have to run a lot. At Christmas, my mum, grandma, brother and I go and visit our relatives in the village, go to church and sing carols. We have a small house in the village. In winter, it is quite cold inside but it is very nice there in summer. My grandma, brother and I spend the whole summer in the village and have a great time there. Our mother visits us on the weekends while we are in the village. I have already started the third grade. The school is near my house. My grandma usually takes me to school and we get there on foot. It takes about 10 minutes. My classes start at 8.30 am and finish at 1 pm. I do not really like going to school because there I have to sit quietly and write something. I prefer playing games. I study math and Ukrainian at school. I also like music lessons because I am fond of singing. I like to eat everything my mother cooks, especially pasta and sandwiches. At home, we usually eat porridge, pasta, and soup. On holidays, my mother buys a cake and cooks tastier food than usual. That’s why I love the holidays. In my free time, I ride a bicycle and play with my friends. I don’t know yet what I want to be when I grow up.

Thank you very much for reading my letter and your willingness to help my family and me! I would like to get acquainted with you and know where you live and what you do. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Case-worker’s comments 2020
Mariana is shy and introverted. She finds it difficult to start conversations with her peers but she is quite cheerful and active when she is with the people she knows. Mariana is also sympathetic and ready to help if necessary. Her parents got divorced right after she was born. The father got married for the second time and he does not keep in touch with his kids at all. The father does not support the family financially. The parents do not communicate with each other, either. Mariana and her brother live with the mother and grandma. The grandma is a pensioner and has health problems but she tries to help her daughter and grandchildren. She takes them to school and brings them back home. The mother works as a vet and her workplace is outside of the town, so she spends a lot of time to get to work and comes back home late. The kids spend most of the day with their grandma. The family members get along with each other really well.  The mother gets a minimum wage and the grandma gets a very low pension. This money is not always enough to cover all the expenses the family has, so they try to economize.  Mariana and her family live in a one-bedroom apartment which needs repair. The living conditions are safe.

Support thru the Hart Child Sponsorship program will help this three-generation family cover basic expenses like food.  Sponsorship will show this family how much God loves them.  The caseworker will bring the gospel message to them and invite them to be part of the church community. Mariana will be proud to tell her grandmother about the love of a sponsor and how the sponsor is like part of the family.