Name:  Marianna 

ID #:     GV 01110
Age:     9 years old 

Birth date:  February 29, 2012
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast

My name is Marianna, and I’m nine years old. I live temporarily in a village. My mom is currently unemployed, because she’s looking after my younger sister. I have a brother, Artem, and a sister, Oleksandra. My little brother Artem is bright and lively. He likes playing football and drawing. My little sister likes helping my mom and watching cartoons. Also, I have a best friend, Anya. She’s my best friend because she’s kind, lively, can draw, and supports me. We like playing professions, school, and dolls.

For Christmas, me, my mom, and my little brother and sister visit our grandpa. On summer holidays, we usually stay at home and also go to the lake. I study in the fourth grade. I go to the school by bus and spend five hours there. What I don’t like at school is that I’m assigned too much homework, although I like studying, and what I like is that I can see and chat with my classmates. At school, we study various countries of the world and get to know more about Ukraine. My favorite subject is Art. Of all food, I like to eat baked potato. At home, my mom makes pizza, which we like a lot; also borscht. For holidays, mom buys us sweets and fruits.

In my free time, I like being alone; also drawing, watching TV, playing games. When I grow up, I want to become a salesperson.

Dear Sponsor, thank you for helping my family!

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Marianna is a very kind and polite child. She helps her mother tidy the house, wash the dishes, and look after her younger siblings. Marianna also does well at school and has a lot of friends. Marianna and her siblings are cheerful and talk a lot whenever a case-worker visits them. Marianna lives with her mother, siblings, and mother`s boyfriend. The mother and her kids get along well, and the mother`s boyfriend treats them well, but he is abusing alcohol now and he is not working and is not helping them financially.

Financially speaking, the family is facing difficulties because their sole income is a child allowance, which is low. The mother is currently unemployed because she is looking after her youngest daughter who doesn`t attend daycare yet.  However, she never complains and tries to spend money wisely. Nevertheless, the support from the child sponsorship program will be of great importance to the family. The thing is that the mother grew up in the orphanage and there is no one to help her.

The family is currently renting a house because their own one burnt down less than a year ago. The house in which they are living now doesn`t have bathroom and toilet, and there is no hot water. However, the house is always cozy, neat and tidy. God told us to care for the orphans and widows. These children have a loving mother and she will be encouraged and provide with food packages when a sponsor is found for Marianna.  This family has great potential with children who are good at school and do not want to live in poverty.  They have hope in the future and you can be part of their future too.