Name:  Mariia

ID #:     LG 01220
Age:     8 years old in September 

Birth date:  August 2, 2013 
Country:     Ukraine
Community:  Volyn Oblast / Lutsk 

Hello! My name is Mariia and I am eight years old. My family consists of my parents, brother, sister and me. My father has a job and my mum doesn`t work.

My best friend is Anna. I met her at day-care and we`ve been friends since then. Now we are in the same class. We also like drawing and cutting shapes out of paper. I am in the third grade and have five lessons every day. During school breaks, I talk to my friends. I like all subjects except for Math. My favorite subject is Computer Science. I like going to school but I like school break and holidays more. Besides regular school, I go to folk dance school and I do really well.

At Christmas, I unwrap my presents, go to church and play with my friends. During summer holidays, I visit my grandpa in his village.

My favorite dish is buckwheat soup. My mum usually cooks pasta, porridge, potatoes etc. On holidays, she makes a cake.

Dear sponsor, thank you very much for deciding to help my family and me!

I will be very happy to receive a letter from you in which you will tell me about yourself.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Mariia is a friendly, cheerful and kind girl. She has a lot of friends, so she likes to talk a lot. Mariia always helps and supports her family and friends.

The family consists of mother Oksana, father Anatolii and their kids: David (9 years old), Mariia (8 years old) and Bohdana (5 years old). The parents are members of the Golgotha Church. The family is going through hardships at this time: Mariia`s father was abusing alcohol for a year and he hasn`t had a permanent job to provide for his family. Father Anatolii has been going through rehabilitation since August 2021, so mother Oksana is taking care of her three kids alone. Because the father is going through rehabilitation, he cannot support his family financially.

It is difficult for her to bring up their children without assistance. Two children  go to school and need school supplies and little Bohdana keeps her busy at home when the others are in class.

In spite of difficulties, the family trusts the Lord and attends church meetings regularly. They believe that God will help them. Mother Oksana does not have a job and the only income they have is a child benefit for daughter Bohdana, which is not enought for one child and they must feed four of them.  Thank God, as a large family, they have some benefits when paying utilities.

The family rents a one-room apartment and the living conditions are safe. The support from Hart Child Sponsorship Program will impact all of them.

Pray that the father is successful with rehabilitation and returns home to help provide and be around his family. Pray that the mother has hope and encouragement to continue to raise her children despite the hardships.  Know that the caseworker will be working with this family as they look forward to a brighter future.