Name:  Mariya D

ID #: UKR-LH – 01070
Age:  5 

Birth date: September 9, 2015 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast (LH)

Dear sponsor!

My name is Mariya and I am five years old. I live in Lviv. My father works in a chocolate factory and my mother takes care of me. I also have a brother and his name is Vlad. He goes to university and wants to be a doctor. My friend`s name is Danylo and I like playing games with him. We enjoy running, playing hide and seek, and petting cats. At Christmas, my family and I eat tasty dishes, sing carols, and visit my aunt. In summer, I like to walk with my brother and eat ice-cream. I also like to walk a lot and eat sweet cherries in summer. I will be six next year, so I will go to school. Now I attend kindergarten where I play games and learn the alphabet and how to read. I enjoy going to kindergarten. What I don`t like about kindergarten is eating semolina porridge. I also like to add during maths lessons. I enjoy eating candies but I don`t eat very many of them because my mother says that they cause a toothache. At home, I usually eat fruit and vegetables. My mother also cooks porridge for me. On Christmas holidays, my mother cooks kutia (a grain dish with sweet gravy). In my free time, I like to play games, watch cartoons and Vlad playing computer games.

I want to take care of animals when I grow up. This is what a vet does.

Dear sponsor, thank you for helping my family and me. I want to write you another letter to get to know you.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Mariya is an active, kind, and loving child who loves her family. She is also cheerful, fond of painting, and good at singing. Besides, Mariya loves animals and looks after her hamster. Mariya lives with her parents and older brother. Her mother doesn`t work because she looks after the children. Her father had a stroke and has a medical condition but he tries to work as much as he can. The kids are well raised, polite and friendly. The family has gladly agreed to attend church meetings. The parents want to provide more for their children but they find it difficult to do so without help. The family lives on the father`s low salary and disability allowance. Most of the salary is spent on medical treatments for the father.  This family cannot cover the basic needs of their children. The family lives in a two-bedroom apartment which needs repairs. The living conditions of the family are safe.

This family with a child in University and a child in kindergarten find it difficult to make ends meet.  Brother Vlad has more schooling ahead for his dream of being a doctor.  When he is successful he will be able to help support his parents and little sister, Mariya.   Food packages thru the Hart Child Sponsorship Program will give them physical food and attendance at church will feed them spiritually. Mariya wants to care for animals when she grows up. Would you consider caring for her and her parents while she grows up?