Name:  Mark O

ID #:     RT01330
Age:     7 

Birth date:  June 27, 2014
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rvine Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

Hi, my name is Mark and I’m 7. I live in Rivne, Ukraine. My family is happy and friendly. My mother’s name is Myroslava. She works for a charity that raises money to build a hospital for cancer-patient children. My father passed away, but he’s with Jesus now. I miss him so much. I’ve got a brother Maksym, he’s 15, and sister Valeria, she’s 13. Valeria can run fast, so she often takes part in the competition. My best friend is Ivan, he’s my neighbor. We like playing computer games together. My favorite holiday is Christmas. At Christmas, my family and I always attend a church service, after which we celebrate at home and get our presents. During the summer holidays, I often take a walk with my friends and visit my grandmother. I go to school, I’m in the first grade. My mother always takes me to school, and at noon, my grandmother is waiting for me to take me to her place to do homework. I like going to school very much, especially spending time on school breaks. At school, we study different subjects, my favorite one is PE. I like sweets very much, even though I usually eat what my mother cooks. For holidays, I always get something sweet. In my free time, I like taking a walk. I dream of being a blogger. Thank you a lot for your willingness to help us. I want to be friends with you! I’ll wait for your letter.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Oreshko

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Mark is a very good child who loves animals. He is also cheerful, active, friendly, kind, and attentive. Mark`s father died of Covid within a week in 2021, which shocked this wonderful and friendly family with three children. They literally had to start their life from scratch. It was difficult but they had to keep going. Mother tries to make a maximum effort so her kids can live a decent life. The relationships between the family members are very warm and friendly. Mark and his siblings get along really well and support each other, and stand up for each other at school. The financial state of the family is poor. They live on the allowance for the loss of the breadwinner and Mother`s salary. Their income is low, which makes it difficult for Mother to fully provide her kids with food, clothes, and other most necessary things. Mark`s health is weak: he often has bronchitis and otitis and goes to the hospital several times a year, and his medical treatment is costly. Doctors advised Mark to learn to play wind instruments but going to music school also costs money. This family lives in a two-room apartment and their living conditions are safe.

In the past two years Mark and his family have experienced the loss of their father and the growing stress of a war in their country. Caseworkers has reminded us that this family is the poorest in the community, has had the most heartbreak and do not have the means to plan or to travel to another location. They feel they are in the best place close to the Church and community they know. The food packages and visits keep them focused on hope for better days ahead.