Name:  Martha

ID #: RL 01092
Age:  13 years old 

Birth date: May 9, 2008 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor until I complete the Hart Child Sponsorship Program at Age 18.

Dear sponsor,

I live in a city in the Lviv region. My father works and my mother is a housekeeper.  There are seven people in my family I am the oldest of 5 children .  My younger sister Sulamita (2001) likes singing and playing the piano. Viktoriya (2002) likes drawing. Zakhar (2005) likes playing with lego.

When I was younger I wanted to be a good teacher or a cook when I grew up.

My family goes to church each Sunday. I attend Sunday School where we listen to Bible Stories, sing, pray and make crafts. We also perform sons in church on holidays. I like Christmas concerts the most as we get gifts and eat sweets after. We even eat different food at home like like fruit and sweets. My mother bakes cakes for us.

I have a good friend at church, We have been friends for a long time. We want to go to Hart Summer Camp together this year.

Thank you for being interested  in helping my family and me!

Case-worker comments:

Martha is a sociable, compassionate, responsible , and diligent girl, She like helping her mother. Martha is a talented girl, She is good at english, math and music.

Martha’s father is a deacon at the local church and mother is a Sunday School teacher. Family members are Christians and like to read the bible and sing together. The family is peaceful and friendly with each other and to others.  The parents cannot afford to send all the children to summer camp each year so they take turns. As a child in the sponsorship program Martha will be invited to Hart Summer Camp.

Father works in construction when he can but income and jobs are not stable. Often he will go other neighboring countries to earn money. It is hard to be away from his family. Mother gets some government child support.

The family live in a two- bedroom apartment that they rent monthly. The apartment need repairs.

By sponsoring Martha you will encourage this family that is active in the church. Being a sponsor child will enrich her childhood and give her opportunities to do things like go to Hart Summer Camp.  She is a good role model for her four younger siblings.  You can be a role model thru your positive message in letters and pictures.