Name:  Matviy

ID #: LH 01040
Age:  5 years old 

Birth date: January 6, 2016 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast (LH)

Dear sponsor!

My name is Matviy and I am five years old. I live in Lviv city. My mother works as a nurse in a hospital. My father passed away and went to the place where angels live. I have two brothers who love me very much, play games with me, and teach me how to read and write. We also like to play board games, go for a walk, and play soccer. My best friend is my brother Vitaliy. He is eleven years old. My best friend in kindergarten is Svyatoslav. We play the “Police Officers” game together. During the Christmas period, my mother, brothers and I visit our grandpa. With him, we enjoy a festive dinner on Christmas Eve with twelve traditional Lenten dishes. At Christmas, my whole family goes to church to pray and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Then my mother and I celebrate our birthdays in early January. When the summer comes, my mother and I go to the village for a month because my mother has vacation time from the hospital. The rest of the summer I go to kindergarten. The kindergarten is near my home. My mother takes me there every morning. I like to learn about music and art. Besides, I play chess with other children. My favorite food is varenyky cooked by my mother. At home, I usually eat soup and pasta with meat. My mother also makes cakes which I really enjoy. In my free time, I like to watch cartoons and spend time in the playground.

I want to be a policeman or a doctor when I grow up.

Dear sponsor, thank you very much for having such a big heart and helping Ukrainian kids and their families!

Case-worker`s comments 2020

Matviy is a sociable, smart, inquisitive, and kind boy. He is fond of painting and learns to play chess. This family is friendly. Matviy`s mother works as a nurse. His father died in a car accident in 2017. The mother has a job and provides for her family as a single parent and provider. Her sons are well raised, friendly, and play games together. The oldest son helps his mother do the housework and cook food. Markiyan, Matviy`s brother, learns English and goes to school. The mother tries hard to raise her kids well and want them to continue with their education. It is difficult for her to provide for three growing boys and herself. She has a job and receives a widow allowance for the death of her husband who was the breadwinner. Her sons are growing up quickly and need clothes and footwear but she doesn`t earn enough money to provide all of them with footwear and clothes. Her boys are inquisitive and willing to study. Their mother finds it extremely hard to know that she cannot provide for all of them, she will need help. The family lives in a three-bedroom apartment and the living conditions are safe. The mother keeps the apartment neat and tidy. She raises her kids alone, works, prepares meals and tries to find time to help them study, play, and talk with them.

God’s love shows in the way the brothers look after each other.  They have grown up quickly to help replace their father who died when Matviy was only 1 year old.  Sponsorship will provide food packages so that some funds are available for the needs of the growing boys.  You can see them grow and learn. All of the boys will be introduced to Hart Education Scholarship Fund so they can apply when they are ready to further their education.