Name: Maxym 
ID #: UKR-LD-01192
Age: 11

Birth date: November 24, 2007
Country: Ukraine
Community: (LD) Lviv

My name is Maxym. I’m 11 years old. I live in Lviv. I have mother, father, brother Nazar and sister Sofiya.  My brother Nazar is my best friend because we like to play with him different games (checkers and “sea battle”). At Christmas we decorate a Christmas tree, go to the church and sing Christmas songs. In the evening we burn candles and all together have a supper. In the summer we visit our grandmother. It was very interesting. We all go for a walk in a forest and roast meat over a fire. In summer we with all our family like to go to the mountains. It was very nice there. We get to school by trolleybus. We write, draw and have interesting homework. Also we study English. I like to to eat mandarin oranges, pierogi (which I help make together with my mom), sandwiches with cheese and watermelons. On holiday I like to eat meat which my mother bakes in oven. During free time I like play soccer.  When we go at yard I like to ride a bicycle, rollerblade and ride push cycle. When I’ll grow up I want to become like my dad who is a pastor and is able to repair things around the house and very strong and brave. My previous sponsor recently discontinued their partnership in the program so I am praying for a new sponsor. 

Caseworker’s comments

Maxym has a brother Nazar (2009) and a sister Sofiya (2013). He is a 5th-grade student starting September 2018.The war has had a negative impact on the financial situation of the family as the prices for utility bills and groceries went up. Maxym’s father is a pastor and has taken on work in a factory also works as a loader.  The family members are healthy and like spending time in fresh air. Maxym’s parents are church members. The boy learns the Bible in Sunday school and in a Bible club. He has become very responsible and often cares for his younger brother and sister. He is the one who you can rely on. The boy has started to help his mother do household chores like vacuuming. He is part of a swim club. Sponsorship will allow this family that loves the outdoors spend more time together walking and having picnics. Maxym wants to get to know about the sponsor’s family, how they are doing, and what they like to do.