Name:  Myhailo T

ID #: RV 03350
Age:  11 years old 

Birth date: March 4, 2010 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivne Oblast

**SPECIAL NEEDS** Deaf and Disabled     Sponsorship $35 + Medical Support $35 = $70 Monthly

Dear sponsor!

My name is Mykhailo and I am 10 years old. I live in Rivne city. My father works as a driver and my mum doesn`t work. I have a younger brother Daniel and he is 5 years old. Both of us celebrate our birthdays on the same day. I love him very much. My best friend is Yaroslav Zayarskyi. He lives in Lviv. At Christmas, I sing carols. On the summer holidays, I have a rest, ride a bicycle, play soccer and work out. I am in the fourth grade and go to school on foot. I like school very much and usually spend 5 hours there. What I like about school is that I have many friends there. I like everything about school. I learn English, literature, natural science, math, drawing and painting, art and design, basics of healthy lifestyle and music. My favorite subject is natural science. As for food, I like to eat pizza. I usually eat something tasty on holidays. In my free time, I read books, play games and watch cartoons.

When I grow up, I want to become a construction worker and win the Olympics.

Dear sponsor, thank you very much for your kind heart and willingness to help our family! It is great joy and happiness for us to know that there is a person living thousands kilometers away who cares about our family. We would like to know something about you, your family, traditions, and, perhaps, about your country. Because mother and son can speak English, it would be really interesting for us to read your letters in English. We sincerely wish you many God`s blessings, perseverance, love and, of course, good health! May there always be love and peace in your family! May God give you His grace and wisdom!

With respect,

Myhailo and his mother

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Myhailo is a cheerful, sociable, active and curious boy who enjoys reading and memorizing everything he reads, especially Bible stories. At the same time, he is sometimes inattentive, capricious and stubborn, and needs a lot of love and affection. He also attends Sunday school and sings in the choir. The family consists of parents and two children. This family is very friendly and kind. Myhailo`s father has been working as a truck driver for the last two years. Because of his work, he is on the road for up to three months. When he comes back, he spends a month at home. Myhailo`s mother is an English teacher but she has not been working since her younger son was born. Myhailo`s younger brother`s name is Daniel and he is 4 years old. Myhailo was born with special needs. Along with being almost deaf Myhailo has some disabilities. The parents put maximum effort into the development of their son. Myhailo needs constant mother`s help and attention. She walks with him when he goes to school, sports programs an for the trip back home. His mother is by his side to read his homework or encourages him to go for a walk. He cannot sleep alone because he has bad dreams. He cannot be under any stress and should not make sudden movements.  When the father is at home, he pays a lot of attention to his kids. He loves them very much and teach them how to do man`s work. These kids grow up in love. 24/7 care of Myhailo is quite tiring for the parents, especially for the mother when she stays with her kids alone. The mother has been reading the Bible and attending church meetings from time to time for the last few years. She tries to teach her kids what she learns in the Bible. They also pray together. They especially pray for the father when he is not at home.

Thanksgiving 2021, the mother repented and accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. The father was not against that decision. He himself reads the Bible and goes to church, and he is on his way to accepting Jesus. God is working on his heart. The parents try to do her best to provide for their kids. They live quite modestly. Frequent medical check-ups of Myhailo in Lviv and Kyiv require travel, meals and medical fees. Myhailo can hardly hear without his hearing aids.  Because he is growing they need to be replaced as he grows. The family lives in an old house which they inherited from the grandma. The living conditions are safe.

The Hart Child Sponsorship Program and Medical Support for Myhailo would be of great help to this family. Groceries and hygienic items each month reduce the amount they can spend on medical treatments  and new hearing aids for Myhailo. Your support can be a great example of God`s love for this family and encourage them to have a deeper relationship with the Lord. They need a lot of prayers.