Name:  Mykhailo S 

ID #:     KA 01080
Age:     11 years old 

Birth date: November 10, 2010 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

The child`s letter

Good day, dear Sponsor! My name is Mykhailo. I am 11 years old. I live in the village of Tserkivna near the mountains. My father does not have a job as he is visually impaired. Mother is a teacher in the Stankivtsi Primary School. I have an older sister Maria and two brothers.  I would like to tell you a bit about her. Maria had perfect school performance and graduated with honors. Now she is studying at the Carpathian University. After graduating she will become a teacher like our mother.

My best friend is Mykola because he is very joyful, sincere, kind and helps me with everything. We play volleyball, football, tennis, chess, and monopoly. I attend church on Christmas. After that, I go to visit other people and praise the Lord with the songs. During a summer break I cycle, go for walks in the forest to pick up mushrooms, berries, medicinal plants, help my parents, and go swimming in the river and sunbathe.

I am a fifth-grade student. I go to school on foot, as my school is quite close to our house. I spend six or seven hours in school. I like everything at school. I learn different subjects there, and my favorite is History. My favorite dishes are dumplings and borsch. At home, I usually eat soup and cereal. On holidays, my parents always try to cook some sweets and buy fruit and other food. I read or do other relaxing activities in my free time.

I want to become a history teacher in the future.

Dear Sponsor, you are given to us by God, and I am thankful that you help my family. I want you to become my good friend!

Thank you!

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Mykhailo is a calm, hardworking, and obedient child who loves his parents very much. He pays a lot of attention to his blind father and understands what he should do to help his father. In spite of being blind, Father still can do certain work. Mykhailo`s family lives in the countryside, so he has to take care of the household and garden. He always helps his siblings and does well at school. Mykhailo also helps his older sister with everything. He is a great support of his family.

It is a very nice family where the family members get along with each other very well. They respect each other and the children obey their parents. Despite difficulties, they put their hopes in God because they see how He loves them and hope that He will solve their problems. They don`t understand God completely but they are learning His word with us. This family is poor and very often they don`t have everything they need. Parents cannot afford to buy good-quality medicines when their kids have a cold. It is a low-income and large family. Their income is average for families about $220 per month. Some social allowances have been cancelled, so the financial state of the family is poor. They have a cow and a horse which are looked after by Mykhailo and his brother.

The family lives in a two-room house and their living conditions are poor. All the kids share one room (daughter and 3 sons). They have a big garden where they grow vegetables. They take water from a well. There is no gas supply in the village where they live, so they use firewood to heat the house. They get washed in a big bowl in the kitchen.

Mykhailo and his family will receive groceries and have the opportunity to save more money to buy clothes and medicines. His sister Oksana KA01070 is also in the program.