Name:  Yevanhelina Kly

ID #:     ZL 01250
Age:     5 in May 

Birth date:  May 14, 2017 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Yevanhelina and I am four years old. I go to daycare “Kapitoshka.” There I am well fed, play with my friends, and draw a lot. I live in a small village, where there are a pond and a small forest. My father did not have a job but is a deacon in the church he will be fighting for Ukraine. My mother works as a teacher`s assistant in the daycare I go to, so we go there together. I have two brothers, nine-year-old Roman, who likes riding a bicycle, and thirteen-year-old Dmytro, who likes playing soccer. My best friend is Valeria and she lives near me. We both like putting puzzles together. At Christmas, my family goes to church, decorates a tree, and cooks festive dinner. I like eating buckwheat porridge and raspberries which we grow in our garden. I like riding a bicycle and drawing.

When I grow up, I want to be a teacher and teach kids.

Our dear friends, thank you very much in advance for praying for my family and helping us! I want to get acquainted with you as soon as possible. I love you, kiss you, and hug you.

Yevanhelina and her family

(Because Yevanhelina cannot write yet, her mother wrote this letter on her behalf)

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Yevanhelina is very calm and friendly. She goes to daycare and likes drawing, riding a bicycle, and eating candies. Her family is kind and friendly, where love and peace reign. There are five people in the family: Father Vitalii, Mother Svitlana, and three children: thirteen-year-old Dmytro, nine-year-old Roman, and four-year-old Yevanhelina. Mother Svitlana takes very good care of her children and works as a teacher`s assistant in daycare, but her salary is low. Because of that, it is difficult for Svitlana to cover the needs of her family. Father Vitalii, unfortunately, lost his job. Their family goes to church, where Vitalii has been a deacon. Svitlana and Vitalii help hold church camps. Vitalii`s parents live with his family. The grandparents are retired. Grandma has heart problems and Grandpa is disabled: he does not have a left arm. The financial state of the family is difficult. Unfortunately, the grandparents cannot support their son`s family financially, but they help look after their grandchildren. The family lives in a very small two-room house. Yevanhelina and her family share one room, and another room is shared by her grandparents. The living conditions of the family are safe.

Yevanhelina and her family live closely with grandparents.  Due to health issues of grandparents they will stay together in their location away from the fighting.  Food packages will help this family get some basics each month and assure them that thing will be brighter for the children someday.  They already know you are praying for them!