Name:  Mykola 

ID #: RV 02890
Age:   13 years old 

Birth date:  July 17, 2008
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivne

My sponsor was not able to continue to sponsor me so I am seeking a new sponsor for five years to age 18.

Hello, dear sponsor,

My name is Mykola and I have an older brother, Vlodymyr,  who is 15 years old. My mother works as a laboratory assistant for x-ray in a hospital. We all live in a one-bedroom apartment. My father has serious health problems and we take care of him. He does not have a job.  I help my mom; I go shopping and tidy up the apartment. I also help my dad: I bring him water and food.  I enjoy playing games with children at school.  I have lots of friends and spend my free time with them. I am keen on drawing and I am interested in computers. I  like solving math problems. I have an old grandma and my family helps her. He often has health problems, so I always help her around the house when I visit her. She also has several chickens. I feed them and give water to them

I will go to Sunday school and pray for you.

Dear sponsor, our life has been extremely difficult because of health problems.  My mother does not earn enough for all the needs of our family. So I am thankful for your help.

Thank you in advance for reading my letter!


Case-worker comments:

Mykola is sociable and generous. He like to play with Lego and draw pictures. As a 7th grade student he gets good marks and is responsible. He is also learning English. He gets on well with his brother and mother. His brother is a good student who enjoys Math and Ukraine.

They live in one-bedroom apartment. Mother provides for the whole family. She depends on her sons to help a home.  Father has long -lasting medical treatment following stomach surgery and also has heart problems. Father does not go to church but his health problems make him think and talk his life and future.

Family is in desperate need of prayer and support of food packages.  The children go to Sunday school but have started to miss church  due to the father’s health problems.

Sponsorship has helped this family know someone cares for them.