Name: Mykyta
ID #: UKR-RV-03310
Age: 15

Birth date: 21 February, 2004
Country: Ukraine
Community: Rivensky/Dubno

Hello my name is Mykyta, I have 2 brothers and a sister. I am in the 8th grade and an average student. My favorite subjects are math and geometry. In the central square of my city, Dubno, is a monument to people in the past who fought for our freedom. I like to spend time with my friends and paint fences or houses in my free time so I can make some money. I enjoy sports and like the summer as it is warm outside and I can swim in the river, go to rope park, walk downtown and play soccer or basketball. I attend the church youth club and my mother visits church services when she can. We live in an apartment and I help by cleaning the house and helping my mom when she asks.  I tell my family about wanting to build beautiful houses, because I want to be an architect when I grow up. I want to help build a better Ukraine!  

Caseworker’s comments

Mykyta has grown up and is quite responsible. He enjoys participating and playing sports games. He always tries to do odd jobs to earn some money for himself, he has strong leadership as well as management skills. There are no complaints about the health of Mykyta and his family. The children live together with their mother in a government apartment, which resembles a barrack and has no conveniences. The mother doesn’t have any permanent job. Mykyta regularly attends the Christian Club for teenagers and church meetings to learn more about God and spend time with other teenagers. The mother has reduced her attendance at church meetings. She is trying to take care of the family and her personal life. They are in a queue to get their own accommodation. The sponsorship project is an essential support for the family as they are poor. Sponsorship enables the church to see them on a regular basis and testify God’s love to them.