Name:        Nadiia S 

ID #:           TZ01320
Age:           1.5

Birthdate:      April 10, 2021
Country:        Ukraine
Community:   Zalishchyky Oblast

Dear sponsor,

My name is Nadiia and I am one year old. I live in the beautiful town of Zalishchyky. My mother always takes care of me and my older sister. My sister is my best friend. We spend a lot of time together playing hide and seek, as well as with the ball and LEGO. We will soon celebrate Christmas, and my mother will cook many special dishes: cabbage rolls, Olivier salad, and cutlets. My mother usually cooks borscht, fried potatoes, etc. I will go to kindergarten soon and school afterwards. I dream of learning to cook like my mother when I grow up. When I have free time, I will help my mother to clean up the house and learn to draw. I am sincerely thankful for your desire to help me and my family. I am looking forward to your answer.

With respect,


Caseworker`s comments 2023

Nadiia is cheerful and smiles all the time. She likes to play with her sister, but she does not often get along with her and wants to take all the toys from her. Nadiia is quite independent for her age and wants to do everything on her own. The family members are friendly and care about each other. The mother takes good care of her children and wants to provide them with the best things. She is ready to sacrifice her sleep and save on food to make sure her kids are happy and well-fed. The family`s financial situation is difficult. The mother cannot work because she has to look after little Nadiia. The family lives on child allowance which the mother spends on her kids because she loves them very much. They all live in a small house which is not their own. They have only been allowed to live there. The thing is that their father kicked them out of home. The house where they live now needs improving but the mother cannot afford it. Nadiia and her family really need your support which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. It will also open their hearts to the Word of God. How great it will be when Nadiia knows that you are her sponsor.