ID #:
February 1, 2019

Dear sponsor,

My name is Naum and I am four years old. Our family is large: it consists of Father Ihor, Mother Nataliia, six brothers – Volodia, Maksym, Vitalii, Semen, Oleksii, and Mark – and five sisters: Olenka, Svitlana, Viktoriia, Daryna and Tamila. When older children go to school, Naum stays at home with his mother. While Mother does the cleaning, cooks lunch and dinner while Naum colors pages and makes things from modeling clay. He also likes going for a walk and cycling. He and his siblings go to Sunday school at church. Naum loves singing and listening to music. Thank you for your desire to support our family. May the Lord bless you!

Naum’s mother

Caseworker’s comments:

Naum is a very active, kind, compassionate young boy who loves to help his mother in the kitchen, like drying the dishes. He likes being part of the children’s church choir as he loves to worship God as much as he can and spends most of the time with his six-year-old brother, Mark and his eight-year-old sister, Tamila. His family is very devoted to Christ and the church, his parents are keen to bringing up all their children on God’s principle’s. His family of 14, lives in a 2-room small apartment, where apparently the place is so small that the floor space is covered with mattresses leaving no space for them to be able to walk. The family’s financial situation has been tough, as the family is currently receiving aid from the state which is not enough to cover all the needs this big family requires. Through the child sponsorship program, Naum will be able to have good & proper clothing, and school supplies, and hopefully in the future he will find a well-paid job. Naum and his family would very much appreciate your support.