Name:  Nazar H 

ID #:     SZ 01322
Age:     15

Birth date: February 15, 2007  
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Zhytomyr Oblast 

My name is Nazar and I am 15 years old. I live in Rivne city. My best friend’s name is Pavlo. We like playing games and going for a walk together. At Christmas I eat everything my grandma cooks for me. I rarely go for a wall and I mostly play games . I am a 9th-grade student. I get to school on foot because it is nearby. I spend 6 hours at school, though I wish I could |ust spend 5 minutes there. I don’t like anything at school. There are a lot of subjects that I study at school but I remember very little information. My favorite subject is computer science.

My favorite food is sausage, mashed potatoes, potato pancakes, sour cream, and fried potatoes. I usually eat this food at home and on holidays. In my free time, I like playing games and watching TV.

I want to be a cook when I grow up.

Thank you very much for your willingness to help me! I am looking forward to your letter.


Caseworker’s comments

This year, Nazar became more responsible and purposeful. He is a persistent and responsible boy. He is an orphan. Nazar’s school performance is good and he is interested in sports. His mother Natalia passed away in 2008. Nazar lives with his grandma Olena. The relationships in the family are friendly. The grandmother is retired, and Nazar goes to school. His father doesn’t live with the family because the parents were divorced. The financial situation is quite difficult. Nazar who is a growing teenager gets child’s assistance/ allowance which is quite low. The family lacks money to cover all needs, to say nothing of upkeep and repair of their apartment. Any kind of help is very important for this family. This family shares two rooms in a dormitory. They are a communal kitchen and bathroom in the dormitory.

Zazar and his grandmother are truly grateful to the Sponsor for the constant care and providing food products every month, in which the family has a big need. The family appreciates this help. Nazar is also thankful for a birthday present and school supplies.  Nazar and his grandmother sometimes get ill with a cold.   They attend Bible study lessons every month. The family
members’ hearts are open to the gospel.

Please, pray for Nazar’s future.