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August 25, 2019

Dear sponsor,

Me and my family are deeply grateful to you for your willingness to help us. My name is Oleh and my wife`s name is Liudmyla. We have five children: our oldest son, Petro, is nine years old, Pavlo is six, Nazar and Danylo are four, and our daughter, Anhelina, is one. Thank you so much once again for your willingness to support us.

With respect,

Oleh (Nazar’s father) and his family

Caseworker Comments:

Nazar’s journey has been marked by adversity from the start. Born frail and ailing, his parents, burdened by financial constraints, couldn’t afford the necessary medical examinations and treatments to pinpoint his condition precisely. Consequently, Nazar experienced a delayed start in walking and lagged behind his twin brother, Danylo, in developmental milestones. However, there is hope on the horizon as Nazar’s health has remarkably improved. He can now walk and even run, and he has acquired the skill of riding a bicycle. Nazar is also gradually finding his voice and relishing moments spent with his father.

Nazar’s family lives in a modest home nestled close to the forest, with the nearest village a 20-minute car ride away. Initially, they dwelled in a dilapidated house deep within the woods, perilously close to the ceiling collapsing at any moment. The social services issued a stern warning to the parents, indicating that their children might be taken away if they failed to secure alternative housing. Regrettably, the family’s hard financial situation rendered them incapable of addressing this issue independently. This is where HART, along with our church and the local Pentecostal church, stepped in. Collectively, we constructed a new home for the family. Subsequently, they welcomed their fifth child, Anhelina, into their midst.

Last year, the parents underwent baptism and became active members of our church. With the unwavering support of believers and HART, this family embarked on a transformative journey towards a brighter future. Without our collective assistance, there loomed the ominous possibility of the parents losing their parental rights, despite their absence of negative habits and their harmonious relationship. The crux of the matter was their unfamiliarity with self-care. This family, despite their modesty and simplicity, ardently holds their faith in the Lord. Nazar’s father, a former history teacher, now aspires to teach Bible lessons at Sunday school.

Nazar and his family are in urgent need of your support.