Name:  Nestor 

ID #:     LC  01540
Age:     8 years old 

Birth date:  September 25, 2013 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Nestor Troian, and I’m seven. I live in the city of Lviv with two brothers, one sister, grandma, and mom. My hobby is judo, and my favorite school subject is Physical Education. Usually, spend around 5 hours at school. My best friend is Sashko, who I often play football with. My mom is Olga Troian; she’s forty, and she’s unemployed. Typically, my family and I come together for Christmas’s holiday table. And after that, we watch New Year movies. Then we get together again, have a cup of hot tea, and tell the stories. Usually, at home I eat what my mom and grandma prepare: varenyky, pasta with cheese, mashed potato, buckwheat with meat, borscht, green borscht and so on.

When I grow up, I want to become a vet. Vets treat animals. It may seem that animals are not like humans, but they can feel physical and emotional pain, too, and they’re sentient beings.

I would like to get to know about you and your family. Do you have children? Where do you live? Thank you!


Case-worker`s comments 2021

Nestor is a very active and stubborn boy. He is a perfectionist with leadership qualities. Nestor never gets tired when doing something he is interested in. He loves animals very much and dreams of becoming a vet. Nestor lives in a large and low-income family. Mother Olha and her second husband Yurii, who is the father of three youngest kids, got divorced because he had affairs with a lot of women. Besides that, Olha could no longer endure constant beatings and emotional violence which led to a great number of serious health problems such as insomnia, loss of voice, weakness, gynecological and heart problems etc. Her ex-husband shows up from time to time humiliating and swearing at her; whenever he comes, the kids are really scared. The financial situation is quite difficult. The disability allowance and social benefits that the mother receives are not enough to cover all the expenses. The father does not pay alimony at all.

Olha also decided to enter the university at the age of 42 to prove to her ex-husband that she is not stupid because her ex-husband calls her so whenever he comes to them. Olha and her oldest son Arthur go to university and are excellent students. The family (mother and her four kids and the grandma) lives in a two-room apartment which belongs to the grandma and her sisters. The living conditions are poor, so there is a need to make home improvements. Mother and her kids attend church meetings sometimes; she has also visited family camp with her kids, which they all really liked. The mother really wants to become part of our church.

Nestor and his family are working hard to get an education, work in good paying jobs and break the cycle of violence and poverty that they have experienced in the past. What a great this example their mother is setting my working hard at school an at home. You will be a friend and example to them as a sponsor. Your big heart shows them that they are cared for.  The church represents education, safety and social opportunities. Help to feed this single mother and her family with food and knowledge.