Name:  Solomon
ID #: UKR-LS-0155
Age: 3

Birth date: October 9, 2017 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Boryslav/Drohobych (LS)

Dear sponsor!
My name is Solomon and I was born on October 9, 2017. I live in Boryslav town, Lviv region. My father is Mykhailo Shalamaha and he works in construction. My mother is Dilnoza Arzymatova and she does not work. I live with my parents, brother Misha and sister Avrora. My brother is in the 4th grade. He sings and plays the violin. I like it when we play with toy cars and LEGO together. My sister Avrora started the first grade this year and she is my best friend. Avrora always plays with me and shows me interesting books and the pictures she paints. We also like watching cartoons together. At Christmas, my family goes to church where my siblings sing songs and recite poems. After church, we go to visit our grandparents to wish them Christmas blessings and have a meal. I like sweets and fruit very much. I mostly eat porridge from a baby bottle and everything my mother cooks in a multicooker. On holidays, my favorite food is cake and sweets.

My dear friend
Solomon is writing to you from Boryslav. I am three years old and I would like to share my dreams with you. I have a dream to run and play as all healthy kids do. When I see my peers or even younger kids and watch them running and discovering the world, I want to run with them but I can’t because my legs do not want to obey me. I want to tell my mother and my family how much I love them but my tongue does not obey me. I also want to tell my mum that I do not like it when I am getting massaged. The only thing I can do is cry. My parents try to explain to me that I need a massage for medical treatment. I hope that I will be able to make my family happy when I can walk. I am grateful to God for my family. They love me so much and take care of me. I want you to appreciate everything you have and thank God for being able to walk and eat with your hands and have your family around who love and take care of you.

I am deeply grateful to God for your kind heart and for caring about others and helping them as much as you can. I am sure that God will richly bless you for all the good things you do. Thank you very much for your kind heart! God bless you!

Case-worker’s comments 2020
Solomon is a cheerful and curious child. He likes books and playing with toys and siblings. He uses gestures to communicate because he cannot speak. He cannot walk, either. Solomon likes to spend time outdoors, have a bath and a good meal. His mother is from Uzbekistan and has a child from her first marriage. Her first husband passed away. She got acquainted with her second husband when they were serving God as missionaries. When they got married, they moved to Boryslav town. They have two kids: Solomon and Avrora. Ten days after Solomon was born, he had a fever and was diagnosed with meningitis. The parents have been dealing with the consequences of that disease since then. They are trying to do their best so that Solomon can speak, sit, and walk. The older kids try to help their parents look after their brother as much as possible. The faith and hope for God’s mercy of the parents are getting stronger day by day. They teach their kids to love God and serve Him showing their personal example. Mother does not work because Solomon needs constant care. Solomon goes through rehabilitation from time to time but they have to pay for it. Father takes care of the older kids and works in construction but it is not a permanent job. The family rents an apartment and two kids go to school and need school supplies. All these things take money every day. The family rents a one-bedroom apartment on the fifth floor. The living conditions are safe. The local church saw the urgent need for accommodation and decided to help them build a house. They all have a dream to finish up at least one room to move to their own house.

They are deeply grateful to God for the opportunity to be in the sponsorship program. This family has a healthy relationship with each other and sponsorship will provide a door for them to have a stronger relationship with the Lord. How great it will be when they know that you are the sponsor of their child!