Name:  Oleh P

ID #:  LS 01292
Age:  15 years old 

Birth date: August 15, 2015 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast

Sponsor was not able to continue to support Oleh. We are seeking a new sponsor for him who may also have an interest in computer technology. We may ask to extend support for school as he gets and education and starts a career in this growing field.

Dear Sponsor,

As a boy of 15 I have been in Hart Child Sponsorship Program since I was 1 1/2 years old. The program has provided support and material assistance to my family and me. I come from a large family where we had two families sharing a house (4 adults and 4 children).  My parents live separately now and I live with my mother. My mother works at a post office, and her salary is only enough for the food and transportation. I like to help her with the house duties and gardening. We have a small home together.

My father doesn’t have a permanent job due to great unemployment in Ukraine. But he works sometimes. I help my  father to take care of the household at the place where he lives. I am strong enough to help him prepare firewood for the winter and work in the field so we have things to eat or sell.

When I go to church I like the Bible stories. My favorite story is about the birth of Jesus Christ. I like that Jesus loves all people.  I ask Jesus for successful studying at School.  Pray with me for peace in Ukraine.

In the summer I like to play soccer, ride bike and swim. I want to go to Hart Summer Camp at my local church because I get to make and meet many friends.

I am going to school to become a computer programmer. It is a respected career in Ukraine.

Case worker Comments:

Oleh is a serious, responsible and independent. He has changed from being a boy to being an adult during the last year. Oleh is very obedient, disciplined and wants to break the cycle of poverty in his family. His has an older brother who has continued in school, finished his studies and is looking for good employment.

This year at age 15 he entered a educational school (University)  where his major is automation of computer-based technologies.

The living conditions in the family have not changed. They still have only the basics and without the monthly food packages they could not manage. The only time the mother and boys attend church is on holidays. Oleg goes to church rarely and his father goes more often.

Please, pray for an end to war (started in 2014) in Eastern Ukraine so that Oleh can become a responsible man and contributing member of the community in a free country.

Thank you for sponsoring this child with so much potential as a future computer professional.

He has hope that Ukraine will one day reach it’s full potential just as he is reaching his potential thru education.