Name: Oleh
ID #: UKR-TM-01010
Age: 13

Birth date: August 28, 2005
Country: Ukraine
Community: (TM) Berezovytsa, Ternopil

My name is Oleh. I am 13 and the 8th grade. My favourite subject is Math, because I like counting. I want to become a soccer player in the future. I like summer so I can play soccer at the church soccer club and go to teen discussion time. There is a church in my community.  I like to go to the forest for walk around the natural spring then have a bonfire and to roast sausages. My favourite dish is pasta. We are grateful for the support of my previous sponsor who had to discontinue their participation in the HART Child Sponsorship Program (CSP).

Caseworker’s comments

Oleh is an only child. Oleh, his mother, grandmother, uncle Ihor, and uncle Volodymyr all live in a one room apartment. Oleh’s mother works as a cook. Uncle suffers from mental illness and cannot work. Oleh’s and his family’s are healthy at this time. When food hamper is delivered to the family, they are told about God and God’s love and are open to talking about church. Oleh attends sport classes where he has Bible lessons as well. He has became more mature. He attends soccer and floorball classes. His favourite subjects at school are PE and Manual trades. He has learned how to cook a few different salads. Because of sponsorship, this family who all  live together, can share meals because of the youngest child.