ID #:
June 8, 2020

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Oleh. I am two years old and live in a very picturesque and tourist city. My father is a tiler, and my mother is out of work as she must look after me. I do need her care and attention. I have four brothers and one sister. I am the youngest in the family, and my oldest brother will soon turn 12. My mother is my best friend, as we spend the most time together. She often tells me interesting stories, teaches me to pray, plays with me, and reads the Bible to me. My mother cooks different dishes for us. We eat cereals, soups, borsch, pasta and salads. We also enjoy eating fruit. I ask my brothers to play with me and try drawing or “helping” my mother in the kitchen when I have free time. It is very pleasant for me that there are such people like you who have sincere and kind hearts for other people and have the desire to help. I thank the Lord for you and may God abundantly bless you and meet all of your needs. We are truly grateful for everything!

Oleh and my family

Caseworker’s comments:

Oleh is a very calm little boy who helps his mother and enjoys playing with his brother Vitalii. His parents call Oleh “the consolation child” because he is very comforting and compassionate towards his family when they are going through a hard time. His parents are members of the local church, and they highly believe that having children is both a blessing and a gift from God so therefore they are raising their children within God’s principles. Oleh’s grandmother is also very present in their lives, she often visits them and has helped raise the children.

The family’s financial situation has been difficult because currently only Oleh’s father has been working whenever there is an opportunity to earn some money, but due to the war it has been difficult to find a steady job. Whereas his mother is on maternity leave, so, therefore their current form of income is through an aid provided by the state. It isn’t enough to cover the needs of their big family. The family of 8 currently resides in a two-bedroom apartment that needs a lot of maintenance but nevertheless the parents are happy that their late aunt gave them the apartment, as prior they used to live in rented housing.