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November 24, 2013


Dear sponsor,

My name is Oleksandra, and I am nine years old. My mother works as a cook assistant at school. My sister Kateryna can already stand on a bridge, though she is just three years old. My best friend’s name is Khrystyna. She is my friend because she is always there for me. We can share a good laugh together and she always invites me to her birthday party. We also like to play basketball and volleyball together. I celebrate Christmas with my family at home. On the summer holidays, I like to visit my grandma and go to Christian camps. I am in the fourth grade and get to school by bus because it is in town. I usually have six lessons a day and leave the school at 18:00. I like my class teacher and classmates and enjoy spending time with them. However, I don’t really like my computer science teacher because she is very strict. At school, I study Math, Ukrainian, Literature, Reading, English, Computer Science, etc. My favorite subjects are Math, Literature, and Reading. When I grow up, I want to become a primary school teacher. Dear sponsor, my family would be really happy if you could help us. Thank you very much for supporting Ukrainian families.


Caseworker’s comments:

Oleksandra, a vibrant child with a talent for singing, juggles responsibilities despite her mother’s busy schedule. Her favorite school subject is reading. Maryna, her mother, overcame challenges from poverty and an abusive marriage, divorcing last year for her children’s well-being. Despite living with her grandmother due to work commitments, the family faces challenges, including Kateryna’s (Oleksandra’s sister) allergies and Oleksandra’s recent diagnoses of scoliosis and eyesight issues. Financial struggles persist, but positive changes are underway with the mother’s employment. A majority of the mother’s salary goes towards utilities. Despite these difficulties, the family remains open to faith, attending church services and finding support and blessings in their community.

Your ongoing support is crucial as they navigate these challenges with determination. Oleksandra and her family are in urgent need of your support.