Name:  Olenka D 

ID #: RM 01140
Age:  3 years old 

Birth date: February 8, 2018 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivine Oblast

My name is Olenka and I am three years old. I live in a village. My father does not have a permanent job, and my mother is on maternity leave. I have a little brother. His name is Sasha and he often cries, but I love him very much. My mother is my friend because she soothes me. I like playing with my doll  who I have named Pups. At Christmas, I love playing games. My favorite food is soup and I often eat it. On holidays, my family eats holubtsi (cabbage rolls). In my free time, I always play with the doll.

Dear sponsor, although I am still little, I want to thank you for choosing me and wanting to take care of me.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Olenka is very little and very cute. Once you see this child, you immediately love her. She is also calm and neat – Olenka always puts away toys. Besides, this child is prudent and well-developed. The mother loves her kids very much and gently treats all of them equally. Due to some health issues, she finds it difficult to cope with all of the housekeeping, child rearing and other  duties completely. The kids are obedient and cute and get along with each other very well. Olenka has a doll whose name is Pups which she likes very much and even goes to bed with it.

Olenka`s father suffers from alcohol addiction. The childrens` grandpa helps the mother look after the children as he is able. The problem is that the father and the grandpa do not get on with each other well and as a result, they often quarrel with each other. This has a negative impact on the kids and their mother. Fights between these adults leave the children and wife scared and confused.

The family lives in poverty. The only source of income is what the father earns by doing odd jobs. The mother is on maternity leave. The grandpa receives a pension, but he doesn`t give this money to the family for food or clothes. They live in an old house. The living conditions are not suitable for a healthy life.  The old house does not have heating system and water supply system. The toilet is outdoors, water is from a well and heating is with wood.  Show this mother and her children your support and help keep them fed when the father does not help.  Your sponsorship will help this lovely little girl to know that others want her to know their love and God’s love. The local caseworker will be a friend to the mother and help her to feel better about her limitations around the home. It will be great to see little Olenka grow and for you to see her as a young woman someday!