ID #:
June 12, 2014

Dear sponsor,

My name is Olexandr and I will be 9 on June 12th. Where I live is very beautiful and green in the warmer months. My family consists of my mother Olya, brother Maksym, grandpa Borys and myself. I also have a father, Volodymyr, who has been recently released from prison and now he is in a rehabilitation centre. I love my older brother Maksym very much. We play soccer, different games and draw together. Maksym is my best friend and I love him so much. I attend Sunday school and I like it very much. I am in 1st grade where I like to learn math and reading classes.

Dear sponsor, I would like to get to know how you live and what traditions your family has. Thank you very much for helping my family during a difficult time. May you be blessed a hundredfold for the good things you do for other people! I hope that you will write me a letter and I will look forward to it.

Caseworker’s Comments:

Olexandr is a kind, obedient, and calm child. The family consists of 4 people: Mother, two sons and grandfather. Olexandr’s father doesn’t live with the family. The grandfather tries to help his daughter with everything. Olexandr and his brother Maksym get along with each other very well.  Olexandr needs a lot of attention and care because he has a heart defect, but they are managing as best as they can with his medical visits and vitamins. The financial situation is difficult as the family lives on the grandfather’s pension and the mother’s salary, both are very low. The family lives in a one-bedroom apartment and the grandfather made one more room up in the attic, but it can only be used in the summer because there is no heat and the roof leaks. The sponsorship could help the mother to afford not only groceries but also the most necessary things for her children.