Name: Orest
ID #: UKR-LD-01023

Birth date: October 14, 2015 
Country: Ukraine
Community: (LD) Lviv

Hello, dear sponsor!

My name is Natalia and I am Orest’s mother. Orest is little and he is just 4 years old, so he cannot write yet. Orest is a special, lovely, loving and smiling child. He is a good and cheerful boy who achieves his goals. We work on his speech problems every day. Orest wears two hearing aids and he doesn’t hear well because of hearing problems. We didn’t know that immediately because doctors used to say that his speech problems were caused by nervous system problems but it turned out to be hearing problems. Orest was diagnosed with them when he was almost 2 years old. Because of that, he has delayed mental development but Orest is doing well and I believe that he will catch up with everything, start speaking well and he will not differ from other kids. We live in Lviv where I work as a teacher (extended school program) at school. Father (Petro) works as a driver – he delivers groceries. Orest has an older brother Volodya. Volodya is 10 years old (2010) and he is in the 4th grade. They get along very well and like playing soccer together. Volodya attends soccer trainings because he enjoys playing soccer. He also likes going on school trips with his class to the castles of Lviv region. Orest has a best friend – Yulia. They go to the same day-care. Orest liked Yulia on the very first day he saw her. Yulia took his hand and led him to the group of other kids at day-care. Orest and Yulia have been friends since then. They like to play with toy cars and dolls. Orest likes to ride a doll in a stroller. They both go to the psychologist and speech therapist at day-care. Teachers like Orest very much and say that he is a very loving and cheerful child. Our big family gets together at Christmas. We live with my mother Olha in her house. My brothers and their wives visit us to have festive dinner. We like when we sit at a big festive table and sing Christmas carols. After having dinner, we visit our friends and sing carols for them greeting them with the birth of Jesus Christ. Orest tried to sing carols with us this year. It was cute, although it was difficult to understand Orest. Orest picked up the melody and it was wonderful. We spend time at home in summer because we don’t have an opportunity to go to the sea. Orest attends day-care and we get there by bus. Orest attends day-care every day except for Thursday because he goes to the teacher of the deaf who teaches him to speak. Orest likes attending day-care and painting (with his fingers). Orest likes various food. He especially likes holubtsi (cabbage rolls). I also cook borscht (traditional Ukrainian beetroot soup) for him. Orest also likes sweets. I try to cook something tasty for my kids on holidays if possible. Dear sponsor! On behalf of Orest and our family, I am deeply grateful to you for your help and willingness to hear and understand us!

Case-worker’s comments 2020
Because of hearing problems, Orest is a very calm child, but at the same time, he is a cheerful boy who wants to communicate with his peers. When Orest was a little baby, his mother noticed his delayed development: Orest didn’t look back, sit or react to everything that was going on around him. After some medical check-ups, Orest started wearing a hearing aid at the age of 2. After that, his development improved and he began uttering some sounds and then simple words. The parents struggle for their son’s health all the time to keep the ability to hear on the same level as Orest has now. The family members are friendly, love and try to support each other. The financial situation of the family is quite difficult, although both parents have a job. The thing is that Orest is disabled and he needs constant medical check-ups and treatment that cost a lot of money. Every week Orest attends development classes which cost money too. The family lives in a three-bedroom apartment with the grandma (mother’s mother). They try to keep their apartment neat and tidy. This family needs your support very much. It will help them feel God’s love and care.

SEEKING SPONSORSHIP $35 + Medical Support $35 = TOTAL $70 monthly