Name:  Serhiy K 

ID #: TP 01090
Age:  17 

Birth date: March 19, 2004 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Shumsk, Ternopil Oblast

Serhiy only has 12 months left in the Hart Child Sponsorship Program. An annual pledge of $420. or 12 monthly of $35. will help Serhiy reach his goal of completing the program. 

**SPECIAL NEEDS ** – Hemophilia . Any Medical Support for Serhiy will help with treatments and medical supplies.

I am 17 years old. I live with my mother and father. I have a younger sister Sofia. I like to play with and protect my sister.  I want to return to Hart Summer Camp in our community because I can meet new friends. I have a fun time at camp with other boys and girls. My favorite Bible story is about the creation of the world. I like that Jesus loves all of us.  I pray for heath of my family and relatives. I would like you to pray for peace in Ukraine and for all people on earth.

In summer I like to play soccer and basketball. In winter I like making snowmen with my brother and sister. I would like have coaches to teach me more about soccer, kick-boxing, freestyle wrestling.  For music I would like to play guitar and drums.

I dream of traveling around the world. I would like to become an international journalist.

Case-worker Comments:

Serhiy has grown taller, stronger, more independent and wiser during this year. He has always been cheerful and energetic. Serhiy constantly takes medicine for his Hemophilia – blood clotting drugs allow him to have a regular life. He has a healthy life and like to play sports. In the past with hemophilia you were confined to the house and little activity.

Serhiy can cook lunch  on his own (varenyky and dumplings). When his mother is working he takes care of his siblings and can feed them a good meal.  Mother works as a teacher in a daycare. Father has seasonal work. His wage go to pay for the apartment they live in.  They have had up to 7 people living in the three-room apartment that belongs to grandmother. Living conditions for the family have improved over the 6 years that Serhiy has been in the Hart Child Sponsorship Program. Serhiy also receives small medical payments from the government. The food packages were enough to always have food in the house. The family have a positive attitude towards the church and church community. Serhiy likes talking with other children and older people. The whole family attend church on holidays and sometimes for family events.

This young man has learn about unconditional love from past sponsor and caseworker. . He has not let his hemophilia stop him from being the best person he can be.  He has been responsible for his siblings when mother and father are away.  One year of sponsorship will help move him from boy to man. He has learned many things at church and from caseworker. He will have the knowledge and experience of love to guide him for the rest of his life.