Name:  Serhiy

ID #: UKR-MR – 01142
Age:  4 years old 

Birth date: December 1, 2016 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Mariupol (MR)

Dear sponsor!

My name is Serhiy Lupachev and I turned 4 on December 1st. I also have three brothers and one sister. The oldest brother is 15 years old. He is a student and comes home at the weekends. Andriy is 2 years old. Mykhailo is 12 years old and he is in the 6th grade. My sister Evelina is 6 years old and she is in the 1st grade. I like to play games with her. I am fond of painting and I like to play with dolls and cars. I love my mother because she is always with us. She cooks, does the cleaning up, washes the clothes, etc. She does not work. My father died of cancer on November 29th, 2020. He was a believer. My whole family goes to church. I am very active and attend kindergarten.

I like to eat sweets and read the Bible. I am learning letters and to read.

I want to be a driver when I grow up.

Case-worker`s comments 2020

Serhiy is an obedient, active, and kind boy. He loves animals and enjoys listening to music and painting. Serhiy also likes going fishing and helping his parents. His family is large with five children between 15 and 2 years old. Recently his father passed away. His mother could not work for a long time because she had to look after her husband and a little son. The family lives in a village and attends the local church. They live on a social benefit that is very low and it is far from being enough to cover the expenses of such a big family. The family lives in a three-bedroom house. The living conditions of the family are safe. It is difficult for a single mother to raise her five kids.

This family knows that God loves and takes care of them.  They will have many years of grieving for the husband,  father, and breadwinner that they have lost.   Sponsorship can provide food packages to this widow and her family. You can be part of seeing this family find the peace that passes all human understanding.