Name:  Sofia-Ruth K 

ID #:     RL 01520
Age:     5

Birth date:  November 20, 2016 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast

Hi dear sponsor!

I’m Sofia-Ruth Khomych and I’m 5 years old. I live in Peremyshliany. My father Ihor is a church minister and missionary. My mother Halyna brings up me and my two younger brothers, Maksym and Pavlo. I like playing with them very much. Maksym is three and a half and Pavlo is two. They like playing with cars and Lego. My best friends are Sofia, Mariana, and Tania. I made friends with them because they’re very kind and pretty. We like watching videos about learning the alphabet together and cartoons, too. We play different games and go for a walk. Christmas is a very joyful holiday for our family. My parents and I go to church for a holiday service. My parents tell me and my brothers the story of Jesus Christ’s birthday. We like to sing Christmas songs, too. In summer my mother, brothers, and I like going for a walk. I like summer very much because we can go visit our great-grandmother Stefa and grandmother Olia. It’s very interesting and fun there. I like eating ice cream, sweets, and jellies very much. I like when my mother cooks pasta, couscous, borscht, and fried potatoes. I usually help her in the kitchen, for example, whip up a salad. For holidays, my mother prepares something very delicious, especially I like a salad with sardines, fried fish, and sandwiches with sausages. I like to spend my free time drawing, playing with my brothers, and visiting my friend Sofia. I’ve got a big doll, I usually play house with it.

When I grow up, I want to be a doctor or an artist!

Dear sponsor, thank you for your willingness to help me and my family. May God bless you! Thank you for your kind heart. I’ll wait for your letter. Write me something about yourself.

Sincerely yours,

Sofia-Ruth Khomych

(Since Sofia-Ruth can’t write by herself, her mother did it on her behalf)

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Sofia is a cheerful, active, and creative girl. She likes painting, making floral bouquets, and decorating her home with paintings and pictures, cut out of color books and magazines. Sofia is good at memorizing school material. One of her negative traits is that she does not like doing the cleaning. Sofia`s father is a deacon and acting pastor in the church in the town of Peremyshliany. Her mother is responsible for women`s ministry. Sofia and her whole family are Christians and try to live a Christian life. Parents love their children very much and teach them to live according to the Gospel, and read Bible stories and children`s Christian literature to them. Parents, Ihor and Halyna, are missionaries and moved to Peremyshliany in 2016. They receive some support but it is not enough to cover the needs of their family. Father sometimes works in construction but he can`t have a permanent job because of his ministry. The income of the family is not stable and it is not always enough to cover their basic needs. Mother doesn`t have a job. They also receive a social allowance which is spent to pay the rent. They don`t have their own place to live, so they rent an apartment. It is quite cold inside in the winter. The living conditions are safe.

Sofia  is a child of God and the child of the acting pastor in Permyshliany.  During the war in Ukraine most pastors are needed at their church.  Humanitarian aid stops, medical support and spiritual care are provided in the local churches as people travel to the west for safety.  I know that this family is share all that they have with others as they are the hands and feet of Jesus for travelers. Show that your hands are helping hands and provide monthly food packages so that this family can do the work they have been called to do: Serve the Lord and serve others.