Name: Sofia
ID #: UKR-GR-01660
Age: 10

Birth date: April 1, 2009
Country: Ukraine
Community: (GR) Rivne

Hello, dear sponsor, I am 10. I like to draw, sing and play piano. My father died during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014. He was the only breadwinner of our family.  My mother brings up 4 children on her own. We all miss my father. I help my family by washing dishes, cleaning and picking up things.  I like to help my mother and older sister. As a family we like to go to church, visit the zoo, stroll thru the park and walk to the store.  When I grow up I want to be an actress or hairdresser. 

My previous sponsor is not able to continue so I am waiting for a new sponsor and will be patient.  We learn about waiting for God in Sunday school and Church on Sundays.

Caseworker’s comments

Sofia is the third grade student. She studies well. The girl likes Reading, Music and PE. In her free time, Sofia plays with dogs and walks them. The girl washes the dishes, tidies rooms and puts her clothes in order. Sofia is healthy and all members of her family are healthy too. The girl’s father died at Maidan peaceful protests and the state built them a new house outside the city. The mother goes to church and the children to Sunday school. Prayer requests for the Lord to keep the kids safe and for peace in Ukraine. The sponsorship project plays an important role for the family as a financial boost for them. Thanks to the HART Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) the family feels how the Lord takes care of widows and orphans.