Name:  Sofiya M 

ID #: RV 03390
Age:  3 years old 

Birth date: February 22, 2018 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivine Oblast

Dear sponsor!

My name is Sofiya and I am three. I have been waiting for you to sponsor me!

I live with my mother and two brothers in a town. My brothers are my best friends. I already go to day-care center and do not cry anymore because I know that my mother or brothers will always take me home. My mother rides me on the bike to the day-care center because it takes too long for me to walk and my mother might be late for work.

Mother works as a shop assistant in the shop called “Pryroda” (Eng. “Nature”). There are various animals at my mother`s work: parrots, fish, hamsters and guinea pigs. When one of my brothers comes to pick up me from day-care center, he usually takes me to my mother`s work where I pat and feed hamsters and guinea pigs.

My brother Maskym colors pictures and plays LEGO with me and my brother Sasha helps me put away toys. My mother helps me dress my doll and cook food in toy dishes.

I like going to church with my mother and brothers. At church, they tell about Jesus.

In my free time after day-care center or at the weekends, I play with my toys. I like playing with my toys imagining that I am their mother.

I have a doll who is my daughter and talk to her in the same way as my mother talks to me. I also pat my doll like my mother pats me.

Dear sponsor, could you please tell me what you like to do in your free time? Could you also please tell me about your family?

Thank you very much for helping my mother, brothers and me! God bless you!

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Sofiya is a very obedient and kind child and gets along with her brothers. She also likes taking care of her appearance always trying to be neat and beautiful. Sofiya enjoys making things of dough and drawing. For over a year year, the mother has been  a single mother living with her three kids.

When she was baptized at the local church, her husband left the family and has not been supporting them financially ever since.

Sofiya attends day-care center and her older brothers Maksym and Sasha go to school. The family members trust and get along with each other because they live by the golden rule – Do unto others as you would have other do to you.

Sofiya`s brothers support and help their mother with things around the home and care of young Sofiya. The mother is looking for a new job – at her current work she is working only seven days a month due to staff reduction. The family does not get any state benefits as the father is still alive. The state does not enforce that he pay child support. In September 2020 , the mother sued her husband for alimony.

The family shares a house with two other families so they must all work together to have a happy home life. The living conditions are good and safe for the children and mother.

These three beautiful and healthy children deserve to have a happy childhood.  Mother is working hard to help them have good values and to be responsible.  It is hard to work so few hours that you have to decide to pay rent or buy food and basic clothing.  Sponsorship of Sofiya will provide monthly food packages for the growing children. Sofiya will be proud to share with her brothers who are always willing to care for her.

What fun it will be when the children are part of Hart Summer Camp at the local church where they can play and just be happy children.