Name: Sofiya
ID #: UKR-RM-01100
Age: 7

Birth date: December 21, 2011
Country: Ukraine
Community: (RM) Molodavo, Rivne

My name is Sofiya and I am 6 years old. I live in a picturesque village. Its name is Molodavo. My father works as a stoker at day-care. My mother works as a teacher’s assistant at day-care. I have a younger sister whose name is Solomiya. She is a little smart girl and I always have a lot of fun playing games with her. My best friend’s name is Evelina. We like the same toys and playing games together. We usually play hide and seek. I am a 1st-grade student and get to school by bus. I usually spend 8 hours at school. I like such a subject as reading. I like everything at school and learn to write, draw, and read. My favorite subject is art. My favorite food is potatoes. I usually eat soup at home and cake on holidays. In my free time, I enjoy drawing. I want to be a singer when I grow up. 

Caseworker’s comments

Sofiya is a very kind, generous, and obedient child in spite of the difficulties and pain she has to go through every day. She loves her parents and sister very much. Her family is sincere and friendly. The parents teach their kids to be obedient and good people. They are hardworking people and put maximum efforts to treat Sofiya. This family needs financial support very much because the money the parents earn is spent on Sofiya’s medical treatment. Sofiya doesn’t have one eye and the eyesight of another eye is very poor, so she needs to have an implant. Sofiya goes to Odessa city every three months to have a MRI. Besides eyes problems, Sofiya has a breast burn and has to have a surgery until she turns 11. The family lives in the house which belongs to the grandma. The living conditions are satisfactory. This family needs your support very much.