Name:  Solomon

ID #:     TB01720
Age:     11

Birth date:  January 3, 1011 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Solomon. I study with my brother Ivan. My older brother joined the army and my sister and another brother go to college in Lviv. All the rest, including me, study at school. Unfortunately, because of pandemic and the war, we have distance learning now, and it’s way more difficult than usual. Because we all share one computer. That’s a great challenge on the way to my dream because I want to become an IT programmer.

Thank you for your willingness to help me accomplish my goal.

Sincerely yours,


Caseworker`s comments 2022

Solomon is a balanced and considerate boy who helps his parents do the housework. He likes studying and wants to improve his school performance. He finds it difficult to study such subjects as Ukrainian and English. In his free time, he likes drawing and playing with his brothers.

About a year ago Solomon`s family moved from Odesa Oblast that is on the coast of the Black Sea, to a village in, Ternopil Oblast. There are eleven people in the family: parents and nine cheerful and friendly children. The children are polite, obedient, and hardworking and help their parents do the housework. They also help their parents work in the garden and look after five sheep, chickens, and bees. Mother has to cook a lot of food to feed the family. For example, they need about five loaves of bread a day. They usually eat bread and cereals. They hardly ever buy fruit, meat, fish, and sweets because they cannot afford them. They also lack money to buy clothes, shoes, and school supplies. The financial state of the family is very poor. Three children go to college and five go to school. The oldest son serves in the army. The family doesn`t receive social allowance anymore because they bought a house. They earn some money by selling honey. They have five beehives. The family sold their house in Odesa Oblast and bought a two-story house in a village. They were not able to pay the full amount of money, so they agreed to pay the owners in installments over the next two years.  Due to the pandemic and now the war it will be hard to meet their mortgage payment. Sponsorship is a small way to get this family back to self sufficiency that they all dream of.

Solomon is a bright boy with big dreams of the future.  The last two years have slowed down but not spoilt his planning. With a brother and father in the war he will be growing up quickly over the next weeks and months. Help him to grow physically with food items they cannot afford and basics to accompany the food they grow.