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Dear Sponsor,

Yustyna is very active little girl, who keeps her family busy. She likes to play with other children and imitates her siblings in everything. Yustyna also likes to draw, play with a ball and plays in the playground. Her parents, Vitalii and Halyna, raise five children and soon they will welcome another child into their family. They all are believers and attend church. Yustyna’s best friends are her siblings. They play together, jump, run, color pages, and play hide and seek. The family`s financial situation is not good. Although Father has health problems, he tries to work hard but due to bronchial asthma he cannot fully provide for his family. Mother is on maternity leave. A lot of money from the family`s budget goes to buy food to feed five children. The family lives in a small two-room apartment and Vitalii`s mother also lives with them. Despite the fact that there is not enough space for such a big family, they always appreciate what they have.