Name:  Stephan

ID #: RV 03380
Age:  8 years old 

Birth date: June 18, 2012 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivine Oblast

Dear sponsor!

My name is Stepan Melnykov.  My father Andriy, does not work but gets government medical support. My mother Yulia,  works in a beauty salon.  She will soon be on maternity leave with new baby. I have an older brother Pavlo who is in the seventh grade. I like going for walks with him. My best friend is Damir and he is my classmate. We like playing hide and seek during a recess.

There are many holidays but my favorite one is Christmas because Jesus Christ was born on this day. We usually sing songs about Jesus, recite poems and have a good time on this day. I like summer holidays most of all because I travel a lot, visit my grandma and go to Hart Summer Camp.

I am in the third grade and go to school on foot because it is nearby. I am at school from morning to afternoon every day. At school, I like to play active games. I don`t like that school recesses are short. I learn many subjects but the ones  I enjoy are Ukrainian and math. In my free time, I read books.

My favorite dish is tomato cucumber salad. At home, I usually eat mushroom soup. I have a lot of tasty food on holidays. My favorite food to eat on holidays is cakes, pizza, cutlets and salad.

I want to be a pilot when I grow up.

Dear sponsor, thank you very much for helping my family and me. I would be very happy to write letters to you. It would like to know more about your family, work and the place where you live.

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Stephan is sensitive, friendly and gentle. He has an older brother and they are inseparable. Stephan respects his father and older brother and obeys them. He is also attached to his stepmother Yulia.

Stephan likes reading and drawing, has good memory and learns poems easily. In 2013, Stephan`s biological mother died of tuberculosis he was only a year old . At the time, his family was living in Oblast (region) and in May 2014, because of the war, this father and sons (age 2 and 5)  moved to Rivine region at the invitation of the evangelist Stephan Volenko. During the first four years, this father and sons were living in the church building as they had no place to call home and had no income. The father found a job but he worked only for a short period of time because of health issues.

It was at church the father met his second wife, Yulia. She was one of the people who took great care of his young sons  when he was working. She supported them financially buying them toys, clothes and tasty food. The kids loved her as it is many years since their birth mother died. Little Stephan is attached to her.

On December 22, 2019, Andriy and Yulia got married in the local church. Yulia has spine with a curvature (scoliosis) that causes her back pain. She is very positive and cheerful and she always smiles. Now she is pregnant with her first child and sibiling to the two boys. The family is looking forward to birth of the baby. The family members all get along well with each.

The boys are raised with respect for parents and teachers. They are growing up in an atmosphere of love from two parents. The family is poor. Father Andriy receives small medical support  Yulia receives disability allowance and works in a beauty salon. She earns very little and will soon be on maternity leave. Due to the death of their mother a small child allowance is help to cover some expenses.  The income of the family is not enough to cover their basic needs. The family has one room in an old dormitory where they share kitchen and bathroom. The kids sleep in a bunk bed and have their own desk.

What a journey this father has been on to keep his children safe. As a single parent he has traveled across the country and his faith brought him to a church that was his home and a place to start a new life and family.  These parents are willing to work hard but with a new child and major health issues they will not be working for long.  You can walk alongside Stepan and his family as a partner. As a sponsor you will be provided pictures and updates to see how God is help them on the next leg of their journey.