Name:  Sviatolav D 

ID #:     LH01110
Age:     6 in May 

Birth date:  May 29, 2016 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast 

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Sviatoslav and I am five years old. I live in Lviv and have three older brothers – Danyil, Marko, and Bohdan. My father in the past has worked abroad and my mother is at home as she has sore feet. My older brother goes for a walk with us and plays games with us. My best friends are my brothers. They teach me letters and numbers, put puzzles and Lego together with me. We play football and run outside. On Christmas, we go to church and thank God for everything. After that, we gather with our whole family around the table and sing carols. In summer we visit our grandparents. I am growing up and I eat everything that my mother cooks. I like eating meat and sweets the most, certainly.

When my mother helps my older brother with his homework, I draw or do other activities. Sometimes I am allowed to play on the computer.

I dream of becoming an airplane pilot.

I am sincerely thankful to you, dear Sponsor, for helping so many people.

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Sviatoslav is a very active, sociable, friendly, and generous boy who likes putting puzzles together, playing with Lego, and playing soccer, and hide and seek. Sviatoslav`s parents are members of the church and try to be involved in church ministries. The whole family attends church meetings, the boys go to Sunday school. The kids are friendly and polite. They grow up in a nice and friendly atmosphere. Their father is working abroad trying to provide for his large family. Mother Halyna has had serious health issues for several years: she has neurological disease, because of which she cannot walk and can hardly move. Doctors give no hope for improvements. She doesn`t go outside. Her oldest sons help her do the housework and look after their younger brothers.

Bohdan, one of the brothers, suffers from cerebral palsy and needs special care. A lot of money is spent on his medical treatment.  Mother cannot work and Father often works abroad but now is required to fight for his country. The oldest son is a university student who will be required to complete his school rather than fight in war. Younger siblings go to school. The kids are growing up very fast and need food, clothes, and shoes. Because the oldest sons are very tall, it is more difficult to find clothes and shoes for them.

The family lives in a small two-room apartment and the living conditions are safe. There is no ramp near the entrance to the block of apartments. Because of that, it is difficult to transport Halyna.

While the country of Ukraine is in a war and families are torn apart they continue to thank God for everything.  Father will be fighting for the freedom of his family and county in the war. Sviatoslav needs you to help his family fight the hunger and fear that they feel each day.  With a mother who will not and cannot travel they will remain in the apartment and be confident that they will get help from the caseworker and church community. Having a sponsor assures them of food packages. You can help keep their faith and bodies strong as you take care of Sviatovlav and his family.