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ID #:
September 17, 2010


Dear Sponsor,

My name is Tamara. I’m 13. My father died, when I was little, and my mother has disabilities. I have a brother; his name is Illia. I always argue with him about the little space in the room where my whole family lives. I have one friend at school and a lot of them on the Internet, they moved away from Ukraine. We talk and play via the Internet. I am with my family at Christmas. In summer I help my mother with household chores. I am in grade 7, the school I go to is nearby (2 bus stops away). My form of education is inclusive, so I have an assistant. My teachers and school subjects are great, but I don’t like my classmates, who behave badly. I draw in my spare time. When I grow up, I’d like to become an accountant. I want to thank my sponsor for caring for me, and I’d like to wish him/her all the best, good health, life harmony and whatnot.


Caseworker’s Comments:

Tamara, a gentle girl overflowing with creativity, finds comfort in her art, particularly through drawing. Despite her shy demeanor, she emanates warmth and compassion, endearing herself to those around her. Behind her reserved nature lies a vibrant spirit that blossoms in the company of cherished friends, many of whom have been scattered across borders due to the relentless war in Ukraine. Yet, Tamara’s journey is marked by unseen struggles. Hindered by an underdeveloped speech and psyche, she grapples with neuro-like stuttering, compounded by the burden of myopia and vision impairments that have pestered her since the tumultuous year of 2014, exacerbating with each passing day.

Tragically, the embrace of proper care remains beyond her reach, shackled by the harsh reality of financial restrictions. While her school extends a helping hand through an assistant teacher, her mother, Olha, bears the weight of guilt for being unable to provide the essential care her daughter so desperately needs.

Their home, a sanctuary marred by neglect and deprivation, mirrors the tumult of their lives. In the confines of their house space, familial bonds strain under the weight of scarcity, exacerbated by the absence of a father figure, lost tragically to an unknown accident just days before Tamara’s own birthday back in 2016.

The room they call home is a testimony to their endurance, a mere 12 square meters housing the dreams and struggles of three individuals. Yet, amidst the cramped quarters, friction simmers, as teenagers clash in the suffocating embrace of shared space. The apartment, a relic of neglect, offers no breathing room, with filth reigning supreme in every corner, from the cluttered kitchen to the dilapidated furniture on which they rest their exhausted bodies. The small apartment is truly horrific and has awful conditions.

Their difficulty extends beyond mere material deprivation; it pierces the very fabric of their existence, denying them the dignity of cleanliness and basic amenities. Lightless corridors bear witness to the darkness that shrouds their lives, while the stench of neglect lingers in the air, a constant reminder of their harrowing reality.

In the face of such adversity, hope flickers like a dying flame, overshadowed by the daunting specter of uncertainty. Yet, amid the darkness, a glimmer of possibility remains—a chance for the community to rally behind this family in their hour of need, to extend a hand of compassion and support, illuminating their path towards a brighter tomorrow.