Name:  Tetiana M
ID #: UKR-RV-01250
Age: 13

Birth date: January 25, 2007 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivnensky/Dubno (RV)

Hello, dear sponsor! My sponsor was sad to say good-by. I am a teenager looking for a new sponsor. Hart will take care of me until the new sponsor finds me!

My name is Tetiana and I am 13 years old. I live in a small village called Potutoriv. I like my village very much because it is very beautiful. I am a 7th-grade student. My school is far from home – 15 km. I get up at 6:15 and I set the alarm clock in my cell phone by myself. Then I make my bed, get washed and dressed, and measure insulin level. After that, I get an insulin shot and have breakfast. I usually have porridge for breakfast. Then I quickly go out to catch the school bus which goes at 7:15 am. The school bus goes home at 14:15. This is how much time I spend at school every day. I attend dance classes after school on Tuesday and on Friday because I am keen on dancing. I like my school teachers because they are very kind but I don’t like that I get homework at school. It is interesting at school. My favorite subjects are Maths, Music, and PE. My best friend is Anastasiya. We like playing games and drawing together. My family consists of my parents and me. My father works as a locksmith. My mother worked as a seamstress but now she doesn’t work because she looks after me and cooks food for me. I like all food but I cannot eat everything I want. I usually eat porridge and cutlets or meat, fruit and cheese, and I like pizza and yoghurt very much. At Christmas, my family visits my grandma who lives in the neighboring village. We all sing Christmas carols. I enjoy playing games with my friends and helping my mother on the summer holidays. In my free time, I like making souvenirs of beads and bracelets of elastic bands. I also like helping my mother in my free time. I have a cousin Ira. She works as a pharmacist in Ternopil city. I like visiting her. Once Ira has taken me to the drugstore. I helped her and I liked it very much, so I have decided to be a pharmacist. I also want to be healthy. I would like to thank my future sponsor for the chance to get acquainted with him/her for the first time and have good relationships. I wish my sponsor good health and peace!

Case-worker’s comments:
Tetiana is a responsible, cheerful, and active girl. She is also obedient and helps her parents. The girl is keen on dancing and drawing. Tetiana’s parents have been married for 32 years. They adopted Tetiana 10 years ago when she was 3. Recently Tetiana has come down with diabetes. The family situation is good. The family lives on the father’s salary and most of the money is spent on medical treatment. The income of the family is quite low. The family members live in the house consisting of 3 rooms and a kitchen. The toilet is outside. They haven’t finished constructing a new house because of lack of money.