Name: Tetiana
ID #: UKR-RD-01122
Age: 6

Birth date: January 25, 2013
Country: Ukraine
Community: (RD) Dubrovytsia

My name is Tetiana and I am 6 years old. I live in Zhaden village. I have a brother and three sisters. My mother takes care of household and looks after us and I like helping her. My father spends more time with my brother who helps him. I like playing with my younger sister who has recently learnt to walk. She is a cheerful girl. I have some friends at day-care. There are a lot of girls who I am friends with. We enjoy playing with dolls. I like when my whole family gets together at Christmas and my siblings and I get presents. I attend day-care where I play games and learn letters and numbers. My favorite food is sweets. I also like pelmeni (meat dumplings) and holubtsi (cabbage rolls). I want to be a nurse when I grow up because I want to help other people.

Caseworker’s comments

Tetiana is a calm, patient, and prudent girl. She likes playing non-active games, drawing, and colouring pictures. She is a little bit introverted. Her father drinks alcohol a lot, so her mother mostly brings up the kids. There are often quarrels and conflicts because of the father. It is difficult for the kids to get over these conflicts, so they often stay at their grandma’s. They feel happy when their father goes to another village and city to earn some money because they know that it will be quiet at home and they have nothing to be afraid of. The financial situation of the family is quite difficult because the mother doesn’t have a job and she gets little child assistance. The father sometimes does odd jobs but he spends almost all his money on alcohol. The family shares two rooms in the house which hasn’t been finished yet. The living conditions are very poor.