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ID #:
January 10, 2015

Dear sponsor,

My name is Tymofii, and I am nine years old. I don’t have a father. He doesn’t live with us. My mother is on maternity leave. I have a brother Denys who is good at soccer. Denys is my best friend and helps me with everything. We like playing soccer together. At Christmas, I sing carols. On the summer holidays, I help my mom and play with my siblings. I am in the second grade and get to school on foot. I usually spend five hours at school. I like everything about school. There I learn multiplication tables. My favorite subject is Reading. I like all kinds of food. At home, I usually eat soup, porridge, etc. On holidays, we always eat sweet cottage cheese buns. I like going out in my free time. When I grow up, I want to become an astronaut.

Dear sponsor, thank you very much for wanting to take care of me.


Caseworker’s comments:

Tymofii is a vibrant, kind-hearted boy who exudes positivity despite the challenges he faces. He tirelessly assists his mother, who single-handedly raises her children. Tymofii takes on household chores like sweeping the floors, doing whatever is necessary to ease his mother’s burden. Unfortunately, Tymofii’s father is absent from their lives, leaving a void that the children keenly feel.

With seven siblings spanning from 25 to 5 years old, life is incredibly tough for this large, fatherless family. Tymofii’s mother shoulders the responsibility of providing for them, even while on maternity leave. Despite the hardships, the children share a strong bond, supporting and protecting one another.

Their financial struggles are horrific, relying solely on income from selling vegetables grown in their garden. Their living conditions are abysmal, worsened by a devastating event in December 2023. A tragic fire engulfed their home, destroying all their belongings. Miraculously, the children escaped unharmed, but the family lost everything due to a refrigerator socket short circuit. Currently displaced, they seek refuge with kind-hearted neighbors and support from their church community. Tymofii’s mother struggles to rebuild their lives from scratch, unable to provide her children with basic necessities. While their neighbors offer support, it’s insufficient to meet their needs, leaving this large family in a heart-wrenching predicament. We kindly ask for your prayers for Tymofii and his family as they endure the challenges of homelessness and financial difficulties.

Tymofii and his family are in urgent need of your support.