ID #:
September 22, 2020

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Liudmyla and I am a mother of five children. My youngest kid was born in 2020 and turned two. I receive a very small state aid for my children that is usually spent on the rent of the house in the village. Our house is old, and it is heated with firewood. We get water from our neighbors’ well. We don’t have a bathroom or other conveniences. I am out of work as our village is small and there is no job. I am raising children myself as Tymofii’s father doesn’t live with us and only rarely visits his son. He provides minimal financial support to his child. Tymofii is an obedient boy. He is becoming interested in many things now. He loves playing with toy cars and watching cartoons. Tymofii loves eating pasta with cucumbers because we can rarely afford to buy sausages or other meat due to our poor financial state. Dear Sponsor, I would be truly thankful for your help and support for Tymofii. May your heart be open for my child! We are praying that you will respond to our need.

With respect,
Tymofii’s mother, Liudmyla

Caseworker’s comments:

Tymofii, who is about to reach the age of three, is currently in the initial phases of acquiring his speech and pronunciation abilities. Although he has a limited grasp on various concepts, he demonstrates an inherent inquisitiveness. Tymofii finds immense delight in engaging with toy cars, enjoying watching cartoons, exploring the outdoors alongside his sibling, and experiencing the thrill of swinging. He exhibits obedience and holds a profound affection for his family, especially his elder sister. Despite living in poverty, the family manages to support and comfort each other. The mother receives state aid per month for Tymofii, which will continue until he turns three. The family resides in an old rented house without modern amenities. They have only one room and must collect water from a neighbor’s well. Heating is achieved through the use of firewood, and the absence of a bathroom poses further challenges. Daily blackouts lasting nearly eight hours disrupt their daily lives. The area surrounding their house lacks an asphalt surface. To bring joy to the children, their mother has constructed a swing, which brings them much happiness. The village they reside in is small, with few houses present. They must pay a rent and Tymofii and his family are in desperate need of support.