Name:  Tymofii

ID #: RZ01210
Age:  2 years old 

Birth date: February 6, 2019 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rivine Oblast

Dear sponsor!

My name is Tymofii and I am two years old. I was born in Dnipropetrovsk oblast (region) but live in a  village  in Rvine oblast. My father does not have a permanent job. He is currently working in construction. My mother is on maternity leave looking after my younger sister and me. My sister`s name is Oleksandra. She is very little and we like to play with toys together. My best friend is Solomia. She lives next to me, so we often play in a sandbox.

At Christmas, I always go to church with my parents and then our family spends time together. I don`t go to school yet because I am very little. I enjoy eating sweets. At home, I usually eat everything my mother cooks for me: soup, borscht, potatoes and porridge. My grandma cooks something tasty on holidays – usually a cake and cookies.

When I grow up, I want to drive cars and tractors because I like playing with these toys.

Dear sponsor! Thank you very much for helping my family and me in advance! God bless you abundantly!

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Tymofii is a calm boy and  is well developed for his age. He is quite sociable and likes to play with other kids. Tymofii enjoys playing with toy cars. He also has a bad habit: he likes to take other kids` toys (I think this is because his parents cannot cover all his needs).

There are six people in the family: mother Halyna, father Maksym, son Tymofii, daughter Oleksandra, grandma Tetiana and grandpa Vasyl (the mother`s stepfather). The family used to live in Dnipropetrovsk region. They rented an old house and lived in poverty. They did not have a permanent job, so they made a living by doing odd jobs. Once the grandpa asked his relatives, who live in the west of Ukraine, for help but they couldn`t help him, so they gave him the contacts of one pastor, who felt for this family and decided to help them. He helped them find a house and move there.

Mother Halyna has heart issues, which caused obesity. Father Maskym had a trauma in childhood because of which he cannot stand for a long time. The family goes to the local protestant church now. They are in difficult life circumstances for health and income. Tymofii`s grandpa gets a pension which he spends on medicines. His wife does not work because she has to take care of him (grandpa). Tymofii`s mother is on maternity leave looking after Tymofii and his younger sister. She gets child allowance, which is very little. The father cannot have a permanent job due to health issues, so he sometimes earns a living by helping the locals chop the firewood or take care of their household. He wants to earn some money to be able to buy food. The family is very poor. They used to live in Dnipropetrovsk region. According to Tymofii`s grandpa, there were times when the family slept in the railway station and had nothing to eat. Now they are renting a house.

Sponsorship will give the three generations of this family support both materially and spiritually. Medical issues for both father and grandpa means that they only receive a small income from pension and child payments.  Soon this family of 4 adults and 2 children will have food packages each month.  Tymofii will have a caseworker who will make him feel special and who will encourage him to break the cycle of poverty in this family.