Name:  Tymofii P 

ID #:     HS 01070
Age:     8 years old 

Birth date:  August 17, 2013 
Country:    Ukraine
Community: Kherson Oblast 

Dear sponsors,

My name is Tymofii and I am seven years old. I live with my brother and mother in the village of Novotroiitske.

My mother works as a postwoman and my brother goes to school. My brother and I like playing board games, namely checkers, chess and Monopoly. I have some friends who I enjoy spending my free time with.

I really love Christmas because it is a family holiday which my family celebrates with joy. Another reason why I love Christmas is that my brother and I receive presents on this day.

I usually spend my summer holidays at my grandparents` because my mother has to work, and we cannot stay at home alone. I am in the second grade and go to school on foot. My favorite subject is math.

I like to eat sweets but at home, I usually eat soup and porridge.

In my free time, I do freestyle wrestling and attend club where we make things with our hands.

I am deeply grateful to you for caring about the families like mine. I hope to hear back from you and I am looking forward to that. God bless you!

Case-worker`s comments 2021

Tymofii is an active, cheerful and sensitive boy. He is also independent and responsible and likes playing active games.

Parents are divorced and his father doesn`t take part in his life. Father lives in another city. The father doesn`t support his family financially at all.

Tymofii and his brother live with their mother and they get along with each other very well. The kids support their mother in everything and help her do the housework. The family lived a certain period of time without having an income because the mother couldn`t work due to health problems. At the time they were temporarily supported by their grandparents.  Now Tymofii`s mother has a job.

The family lives in their own house which needs repairs after a fire which was caused by a faulty wood-burning oven. The fire damaged furniture and walls.

The two boys have their own room where there is a table and bed.

Help Tymofii know that peoples hearts are open to Hart Child Sponsorship so that he can have a happy and healthy future.