ID #:
Ukraine - TZ01270

Dear sponsor,

My name is Erik.  I enjoy playing on a swing and going for a walk. When winter sets in, I like sledding and playing in the snow. For the holidays, mom cooks my favorite dishes for me, like beetroot salad and meatballs. Usually, I eat different sorts of cereal, and my favorite one is barley with milk. As for friends, my sister Milena and my aunt Veronica are my friends. I spend my spare time with them playing different games, especially playing with a construction set.

I want to thank you in advance for the love and warmth that you’re willing to embrace me with.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Caseworker’s Comments:

Erik is a very calm and prudent boy who likes playing with LEGO and putting puzzles together. The family members get along very well and the kids respect their parents. Because of the war in the east of Ukraine, the family had to leave their village and they did not know anybody there. When Erik`s grandma (the mother`s mother) died of cancer, his mother became guardian of her younger sister. The financial situation is difficult. The father works part-time and the money he earns is hardly enough to cover the expenses of the family. They all live in a small rented room in the dormitory and their living conditions are poor. There is hardly enough space for the kids. Erik and his family would appreciate your support .

It will be a great blessing and help for the whole family in the Child Sponsorship Program.