Name: Tymofiy
ID #: UKR-RV-01244
Age: 4

Birth date: December 18, 2015
Country: Ukraine
Community: (RV) Rivnensky/Dubno

Hello, dear sponsor!

My name is Tymofiy and I am 4. My family used to live in Donetsk city ( Eastern Ukraine) but the war started there and we had to move to another city, so I wasn’t born in Donetsk. Now my family and I live in the town of Zdolbuniv, Ukraine. I have a father who does odd jobs and provides for our family. I also have a mother who is a housewife and she teaches me important things at home. I have two cheerful brothers who are 11 and 13. They are older than I am and go to school and I always look forward to their coming back home to play games with them. I enjoy when we play with a ball and fool around on the floor. I like going to church very much and listening to the people glorify God. My father plays the guitar and our family sings for God at home. I like the songs with movements that I sing with my mother at home and with other kids at Sunday school. I also like when they tell me about the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. My mother has a beautiful decoration where these stories are described. Besides, I enjoy going for a walk, sliding, playing in a sandbox, running, jumping and swimming in the river in the summer. I like learning letters. Although I don’t speak very well yet, I already know the Russian and English alphabets. My mother and I pronounce, learn, and draw letters by playing a special game on a tablet. I also have puzzles, toys and games that help learn colors and animals. My favorite game that I play on a tablet is the game in which I have to make a rocket of the same color and launch it into space. I can play it for hours but I am not allowed to use a tablet for so long. When my mother and I are alone at home, we cook food, do the cleaning up and play games. I like when my mother and I make pancakes the most. My mother makes pancakes and I eat them. I also like to eat a slice of bread with jam or condensed milk as well as apples and other fruits and vegetables. I don’t like eating soup, tomatoes and potatoes at all. Sweet semolina porridge is the food that I like to eat as well. My mother bakes a tasty cake on holidays, so I like holidays. When guests visit us, I watch interesting cartoons while the older kids play board games. I have a very happy life because my parents teach me new things and love me. Thank you for helping make our life better with food packages for all the growing boys.

Dear sponsor! Thank you very much for finding a minute to read this letter! I have described a little bit my life and the life of my family in this letter. Please write an answer to my family and me if you are willing to do that. You may also visit us and get acquainted with our family. We will definitely treat you to pancakes and jam.

Case-worker’s comments 2020
Tymofiy is an active and purposeful boy. He enjoys going for a walk, playing with sand and sliding. He doesn’t speak distinctly yet but he likes learning letters on the computer, especially the English alphabet. He also likes putting puzzles together and sometimes asks to read something to him. Besides, he likes to play with tiny objects and listen to his father playing the guitar and singing Christian songs. This family left Donetsk in 2014. They lived in Poltava city for some years but because of bad living conditions and unemployment, they accepted the invitation of Falko family in 2019 and moved to Zdolbuniv town where they rent an apartment and go to church “Dzherelo Zhyttia” (The Source of Life). Tymofiy’s father is looking for a permanent job. Mother doesn’t work because she looks after Tymofiy. The older sons who are 11 and 13 go to school. The family takes active part in the life of church. The family gets a social benefit because of they have a status of refugees and they get a child benefit. The family rents a two-bedroom apartment. The living conditions are satisfactory. The neighbors of the family are believers and they help them sometimes. This family needs your support as they become settled in this new community of believers. God is part of their life thru church and music. Your will be come part of their life as a sponsor to youngest child Tymofiy.