Name:  Tymophiy S 

ID #:     LV01572
Age:     13 

Birth date:  March 1, 2009
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast


Good morning my dear sponsor,

My name is Timophiy. I am 13. I live in a two-room apartment in the wonderful city called Lviv. My own parents live apart from me and from my brothers and sisters. My Aunt is my guardian. Her name is Mariya. She takes care of us (6 children) and her own 4 children. I was born in terrible conditions. My parents are alcoholics. This is the reason why I have serious problems with my health. Sometimes I can be very nervy. I may cry without reason. I don’t speak a lot. I am Very emotional. I need medical treatment. I have some problems with my nervous system. I have heart disease and a red spot on my back, which is closer to my waist. The doctors say that I need a surgery.

My favorite season is winter. I like this season because I like sledging and making a snowman. I help my family at home by cleaning the room, cooking. helping my mom, picI‹ing my things. I like swinging with my best friend, who is my brother Zakhar. I like doing many things but most of all I like playing with cars, riding the bike, reading and writing. I like to eat everything my mother Mariya prepares. Especially I like to eat mashed potatoes with beet salad, chicken or veal, fruits, different porridges. I like to drink juices. In the free time I play with a ball with my older brother. Together with my family I like to walk in the park, attend the church and to talk about different things. On holidays the daughter of Mariya bakes a tasty pie and prepares dry biscuits and apples.

When I grow up I want to be a businessman.

Dear sponsor, my dear friend, thank you for paying your attention to my letter. I wish you to be successful! May God lead you in your life! Thanks!


Caseworker Comments:

Mother/ Aunt/Caregiver does her best so that Tymophiy could have everything he needs and she takes good care ofhis health. He takes preventive treatment twice a year. He is supervised
by a neurologist. The child constantly needs vitamins. Tymophiy likes going to school, he has a lot of friends there. He likes playing football and he is interested in machinery. He likes repairing and design.He is always ready to help. The family lives in a family-type house.

Parents of Tymophiy were deprived of parental rights in 2012. Tymophiy and his siblings used to live in terrible conditions. They used to eat worms and sand. They are cared for by their aunt, who is unemployed. Tymophiy has 3 brothers: Mariyan (2002), Andriy (2005), Zahariy (2010); and 3 sisters: Alina (2007), Diana (2008), Sofiya (2014). In September, the boy will be a 6th-grade student. He studies at home, as his conditions prevent him from going to school.

Tymophiy has developed quite well physically and mentally and there are some positive changes in the past year, so the doctors are amazed. He is a good student. Duńng the year he has physically grown and became more observant. His speaking abilities have become better, the boy learned how to read and count. The child also studies the multiplication table.

Tymophiy has some health issues. He has mental and developmental delay, a cardiac anomaly, neurotic condition, and a weakly developed limb (a mild form of paralysis). He is constantly under the supervision of a doctor. The boy’s speech has improved. In 2014, he wasn’t developing for his age and didn’t gain proper weight. All this is a result that the mom drinking alcohol during the pregnancy.

Tymophiy is obedient and helps his aunt, who takes care of him and his siblings, with everything. He likes to play games with his younger sisters. There haven’t been any changes in the living conditions of the family this year. The sunt continues to support them in the absence of their mother. The family goes to church and Tymophiy attends Sunday school and takes part in children’s ministries. He also goes to the summer camp.

The situation in the country makes the family feel fear and worry for the present and future of their children. High prices for utilities, food, clothes, and medicines affect the family. They pray for peace in the country. The child lives with his aunt, who is also his guardian, and with his six brothers and sisters. Their aunt doesn’t work because she takes care of children. She does all her best to develop their physical and spiritual worlds. This is hard though, because the children are of different ages and their needs are different. The aunt wants the state to give an apartment for the children, because there are many children in that family.

Every Sunday they go to church to services. Timophiy visits the Sunday school, he goes to children services and to camps. The kids are always satisfied and thankful to God for everything. They are believers. Their lives are proof that God is working in their hearts. The guardian hopes that the children will have their own house and to achieve that goal, she visits different offices telling stoûes of the children under her care. The sponsorship project is a big support for these children, their aunt often witnesses how sometimes they do not have food and at this momønt foodstuff arńves. The aunt says that God loves these children very much and helps them.

Please, pray for their dwelling, for the children’s health, for their biological mother to repent and come back to the family. Pray also for the health of the children and the patience, encouragement, and energy for the aunt who cares for all her nieces and nephews.

The family is very thankful to the sponsor for groceries, presents, letters and material support.