Name: Tymofii P

ID #:  RM 01160
Age:         7

Birth date:  To be announce 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Rvine Oblast

Dear sponsor,

My name is Tymofii. I’m seven years old. I live in Myrohoshcha village. My dad lives separately from us. My mother is unemployed. My elder brother is a kind boy and I like to go cycling with him. Misha is my best friend; we play football together. On Christmas I really like to sing carols. During the summer holidays, I spend time playing with my brothers. I study in the 1st grade and always go to school on foot. I spend 4 hours at school where my teachers teach me how to read and write. I am fond of playing with Lego. My favorite subject is Physical Education (PE). On holidays I like to eat potatoes and pasta. In my free time, I play with my siblings. When I grow up, I want to be a worker. Thanks that you loved me without even seeing me.

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Tymofii is a very active, open, cheerful, and smiling boy. He always tries to help his mother who raises her children alone. Tymofii`s father does not live with his family but he visits his children from time to time. The children get along with each other really well, helping and protecting each other. It is a large and low-income family that needs help. As for the financial situation, it is quite difficult. They earn some money by selling vegetables grown in their garden in the market. Sometimes the father gives them some money. The living conditions of the family are very poor. The furniture is in bad condition and the toilet is outside.  Tymofii and his family really need your support, which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. It will also open their hearts to the word of God and encourage them to seek the Lord. How great it will be when Tymofii knows that you are his sponsor.