Name:  Arsen S

ID #: TZ 01080
Age:    15      

Birth date:  April 22, 2007 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast – Zalischyky

My sponsor was not able to continue to support me. I am looking for a new sponsor.

Dear Sponsor,

Arsen is fifteen years old. He helps his mother do the housework: he washes the dishes and takes out the garbage. He also goes to the store when necessary and keeps his room tidy.

Arsen likes hanging out with his friends and really enjoys playing soccer, he takes part in various soccer competitions, and has a dream to become a famous soccer player. His father left the family but Arsen forgave him and now they communicate and spend more time together.

Arsen and his mom live in a room in the dormitory and dream of their own big house. Their current living conditions are safe.

Arsen and his mom really need your support, which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. It will also open their hearts to the word of God and encourage them to get to know Him closer. How great it will be when Arsen knows that you are his sponsor.