Name:  Anastasiya S

ID #: LD01073
Age:    11     

Birth date:  December 13, 2010 
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Lviv Oblast

Dear Sponsor,

I live with both my parents and younger brother Maksym. I am a student in the fourth grade. My school is nearby. It is close to our church where I like singing, playing games a, and listening to the stories about Jesus.

Varenyky and meat dumplings are my favorite food. I enjoy seeing my grandma knead dough to make different bread and food items.  At Christmas, I enjoy helping my mother cook dinner.

I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I treat and care for my dolls, so I learn how to take care of people in the future.


Case-worker comments:

Anastasiya is an active, friendly, and positive girl. She has a good memory, and it is easy for her to learn poems by heart and recite them. Her attitude towards her studies has become more serious over the last year. She has better marks in her classes and does well in English studies.  She enjoys sewing, is taking sewing classes, and is making a dress for herself.

The relationships in the family are tense, that parents are not married, and they quarrel regularly. The mother worked in a factory, but they did not have work for her for a long time. Mother is now sewing for a new company.  The father does odd jobs, but he rarely provides money to cover the needs of the family.

The family of 4 adults and 2 children live in a small 1-bedroom apartment, the living conditions are not good.  The grandma’s sister and her son live with them, and they bother suffer from mental illnesses.

The family asks you to pray of improvement in the health and mental health of family members.

Lviv a city with a historical downtown and is a main cultural center.  It is largest city in the western part of Ukraine with a population of over 700,000.  You can visit cultural institutions of the history, language, faith, and art’s culture. It is close to the western border (Poland and more prosperous Eastern European countries). Many people leave the country in search of jobs and a better future. When they leave Ukraine older family members and children are often left unattended.  When children are not under parental care they are sometimes sent to government orphanages where the conditions are poor and not friendly.