Name:   Mykyta L

ID #:      IF01210
Age:     1 

Birth date:   January 9, 2022
Country:      Ukraine
Community:  Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast

Dear sponsor,

Good afternoon! My name is Martha and I am Mykyta’s mother. He is 10 months old. We live in Ivano- Frankivsk. My son doesn’t have a father. I am on maternity leave. Mykyta has two brothers and one sister. The brothers play football and the sister goes on dancing lessons. Mykyta loves playing with cars and cubes. He loves mashed potatoes and he eats different soups and infant formulas. He has a lot of free time, so he plays and goes for walks. Dear sponsor, thank you for helping me and my family.


Caseworker`s comments 2023

One year old Mykyta is active, healthy and is developing well. He spends all his time with his mother and older brothers. The children in this family are very active and some of them attend school. This family is large and they all try to help each other. The children are also cheerful, noisy and obedient to their mother Martha. Their father does not live with them, nor does he keep in touch with his family. The family`s financial situation is not stable. They lack money for clothes, food, and cannot fully provide for themselves. They live in a five-room apartment that needs repairing and has no power or gas supply. Martha and her children share the apartment with nine other people. Mykyta`s grandpa likes to abuse alcohol and show his temper, but Martha does not really want to talk about that because this topic is painful. Mykyta and his family really need your support, which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. The child sponsorship program will have a positive influence on them because it will open their hearts to the Word of God. They will learn about Jesus Christ and have an example to follow. Also, thanks to the sponsor`s support through the child sponsorship program, they will be provided with food. How great it will be when Mykyta knows that you are his sponsor.