Name: Mykhailo D

ID #:  KI 01460
Age:         12

Birth date:  February 2, 2010
Country: Ukraine
Community: Kyiv Oblast

Dear sponsor,

My name is Mykhailo and I am twelve years old. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. My father does odd jobs, my mother does not have a job. I don`t have any siblings. My best friend is Anton, and we are in the same class. At Christmas, I decorate a tree. On the summer holidays, I go to the beach. I am a sixth grader and get to school on foot. I usually spend seven hours at school. I like studying. At school, I study such subjects as math, history, computer science, Ukrainian, etc. As for food, I like to eat pelmeni (dumplings), crab sticks, cookies, fish, meat, cutlets, etc. At home, I usually eat pasta, various soups, buckwheat, etc. In my free time, I like walking outside. I want to become a cook when I grow up. Dear sponsor, thank you so much for your support in advance.

Caseworker`s comments 2022

Mykhailo suffers from mental illness. He is emotionally unbalanced, which prevents him from communicating with others. Minor failures like spilling cocoa can lead to hysteria. Mykhailo does not accept any remark and reacts to criticism aggressively. He also likes touches and hugs and does not like drastic changes – stability is important for him. Mykhailo regularly attends church meetings and has a good memory. His parents are alcohol addicts, especially his mother. They all live next to a family of drug addicts whose lifestyle negatively affects Mykhailo`s emotional state. Mykhailo`s mom is drunk almost all the time. Mykhailo and his family really need your support, which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. It will encourage them to seek the Lord. How great it will be when Mykhailo knows that you are his sponsor.