Name:  Uliana  B

ID #:    TZ 01300
Age:     3 years old 

Birth date:  March 22, 2019
Country: Ukraine
Community:  Ternopil Oblast

Dearest sponsor,


My name is Uliana and I live in a very beautiful town by the Dniester River from three sides. I enjoy living in this town with wonderful parks and playgrounds where I like to go for a walk with my mother. My mum and I went swimming to the river in the summer. When the winter comes, my mum takes me sledding; my sister and I also make a snowman. On holidays, my mother tries to cook the food I like: holubtsi (cabbage rolls), kholodets (jellied meat), and cutlets. My mum also bakes wonderful cakes. I usually eat porridge, mashed potatoes, and borscht, which I really like.

I will be very happy to receive a letter from you. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. Goodbye.


Case-worker`s comments 2022

Uliana is a cheerful and smart girl who likes drawing and playing games. She is also a bit shy. Her parents don`t get along well. Her father spends almost all the money he earns on alcohol; rarely does he give his family money to buy groceries. Uliana`s mother works hard in the bakery to provide for her family. She works part-time because there is no one to look after kids when she is at work. The kids are very friendly and care for each other. The older kids look after Uliana when their mom is at work. The financial state of the family is poor. Although the mother tries hard to provide for her family, they often lack money for a living and have to borrow it. The thing is that the kids don`t even know about that and think that everything is great. The living conditions of the family are safe. However, it would be good to make some home improvements, which the mother cannot afford.

Uliana and her family really need your support, which will show them how much God loves and takes care of them. How great it will be when Uliana knows that you are her sponsor.